Nothing Left To Fear

Nothing Left To Fear

Nothing Left to Fear was inspired by the legend of Stull, Kansas. Wendy (Anne Heche), her husband Dan (James Tupper of “Revenge”) and their kids have just moved to the small town of Stull, Kansas, where Dan is the new pastor. But in this sleepy community of friendly neighbors, a horrific series of occurrences awaits them: Their teenage daughter (Rebekah Brandes of Bellflower) is being tormented by grisly visions. Her younger sister (Jennifer Stone of “Wizards Of Waverly Place”) has been marked for a depraved ritual. And deep within the heartland darkness, one of The Seven Gates Of Hell demands the blood of the innocent to unleash the creatures of the damned.

"Nothing left to fear" tells us the story of a family who has go on a journey towards a better life when they are interrupted by a man. Who is this man? Why does the family's life become chaostic when he appears? Let's follow them in this interesting horror film . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa F (gb) wrote: I thought it wasn't that bad at all, I would love to really check out the ghost behind it all!

Brian S (br) wrote: A peculiar psycho horror film rooted in mistaken identities. When a lounge singer's van breaks down in a backwater town, he's caught in the middle of a decades-old battle between two crazy old men who are convinced that he's their long-lost wife, The singer is taken prisoner and tortured, first by the gibbering old innkeeper and then by the other old man when he's "liberated." Of course, everyone in this twn is a psychopath and male; except for the very beginning of the film, there is a notable absence of women in "Calvaire," perhaps to drive home the emasculation of the main character, who is dressed in women's clothing and raped. Everyone's perceptions are mistaken; another lunatic spends much of the film searching for a lost dog that's really a calf.Something never quite gels in Calvaire. It's an interesting idea and there is some good acting (though none of it comes from the main character). There's an attention to detail that boosts the atmosphere of despair and decay that fuels the film. Then again, there are some unnecessary scenes and terribly annoying camera work that detract from it just as much, slowing things down considerably for no good reason. In all, Calvaire's a push. It's a smart film, but too eager to prove its artistic merit.

Michael D (kr) wrote: boring and slow developing

Andre S (de) wrote: Interesting concept for a story but not delivered so good. She lives two lives one is a dream the other isn't but she is not sure which is a dream and which is reality. A bit slow at times but the main character's complexity keeps you interested...for the most part.

Adriana A (mx) wrote: The great chiefs of the West!

Eric R (ag) wrote: Roger Corman tested the waters with for a low budget "Star Wars" rip-off by distributing the wonderfully lame Italian bandwagon effort "StarCrash". It proved to be extremely successful so Corman pushed on to produce and distribute a rip-off he could call all his own and "Battle Beyond the Stars" was born, proving Corman had what it took to create an extremely entertaining space opera on a shoestring budget and good enough special effects to provide stock footage for umpteen productions of his to come.The plot steals from the legendary Japanese film "Seven Samurai", so much in fact this could be considered an unofficial remake with a space setting. Perhaps a better comparison would be an unofficial remake of "The Magnificent Seven" as Robert Vaughn plays the exact same character he got famous for in that popular westernized remake.So we get is a Luke Skywalker wannabe named Shade (Richard Thomas) having his planet threatened by "Darth" Sador (John Saxon). Needing help Shade seeks of the help of seven warriors, including and not limited to an elderly Han Solo cowboy played by George Peppared, a Valkarie woman warrior, a reptilian lizard man and of course Robert Fucking Vaugn.As you can tell the cast is fucking great, no doubt most of the films low budget going to pay the salaries of George Peppard and Robert Vaugn to give the film some bankable names. Though it's obvious these two took their roles for a nice paycheck, it's still nice to have 'em and it gives the film a hair more respectability. Richard Thomas, though not totally likeable, has enough charm to him to hold the film together as our young, virginal lead. Being a male it's obvious that cult icon Sybil Danning stole the show for me with her gigantic bosom almost bursting through her lack of wardrobe.Behind the scenes we get a fantastic special effects crew giving us impressive visuals. The guys who provided the laughable effects for its brother in crime "StarCrash" should take notes after watching this. The score is also impressive, it being the early work of famous film composer James Horner, a man who would provide amazing scores for such famous films as "Star Trek II" and "Avatar". His score actually brings flashes of "Star Trek II" to my eyes when I hear it... yea it's that impressive.John Sayles script is not surprisingly predicable, I mean how could it not be being a rip-off of "Star Wars" and derivative of "Seven Samurai". Where it makes up for its predictability is that the whole plot has it's tongue firmly placed in its cheek never taking itself too terribly seriously. That is what I believe gives the film so much of its staying power, being as popular with the cult film crowd today as it was back in 1980.The plot is insanely predicable but the imaginative characters, likeable actors, surprisingly good special effects, epic score and script that doesn't take itself too seriously makes "Battle Beyond the Stars" the crme de la crme of "Star Wars" rip-offs. So grab a bag of popcorn, a giant soda and sit down for a fun-filled space opera that helps define the drive-in popcorn era of films.

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Harry W (jp) wrote: Stay Hungry was a film I heard about due to reading that Arnold Schwarzenegger won a Golden Globe for his role in the film, and predominantly I haven't seen him outside of action films and crappy comedies, so this was something I had to witness. And with Jeff Bridges and Sally Field in it I figured it was all a big win, so looking into it seemed like a good idea.And frankly it was. It's pacing was unbalanced and it attempted to fit in a few to many themes for its own good without ever really clarifying the meaning behind the title, but Bob Rafelson gave a good treatment to the story which ensured that it became a film which strongly conveyed the sport of bodybuilding in a positive manner, as well as taking a look at the carefree side of a life of sport. His direction made it a strong film and a good look at dedication in gym life, as well as a complex romantic drama. And above all it had some moments of fun humour in it which was the fun part of the story. It was well scripted too, even as it chartered into a large amount of dynamics building up on each other.But it's the cast that makes it work.Craig Blake starts as a character living a carefree life and he develops through the story into one who channels it into a passion he develops for helping Joe Santo achieve his goal and gracing his affection unto Mary Tate Farnsworth. Jeff Bridges conveys the development well and is frankly just a very likeable lead.Instantly when Sally Field graced the screen I felt like this was a woman I had never seen before. With significantly more tan skin than usual combined with an alternative haircut to her usual look and a purple leotard, it seemed like Sally Field was truly attempting to establish herself as a character actress early on. It would prove successful for her because although being typecast as The Flying Nun, she manages to channel her free spirit into a serious role which proves to be a good one for her assisted by a strong performance. She's just such a sweet and likeable character in Stay Hungry, and so she stands out in the cast.Of course, Arnold Schwarzenneger is the man who made a breakthrough with Stay Hungry. Although his part was small, he manages to act through his thick Austrian accent for the first time on screen and proves to viewers that he's a talented actor who fits into the subject matter requiring his muscles very well.So Stay Hungry is heavy handed on its many plot dynamics, but its well acted and well intentioned so it succeeds in being a good sports film.

Adam N (ag) wrote: Through an effective blend of special effects, lighting and sound editing as well as solid performances and a steady build up of dread and fear, Godzilla (1954) remains just as effective as it was in its original run.

Jeffery H (es) wrote: Funniest movie ever!

Terry C (fr) wrote: One of my favorites. I like this version way better than the remakes "Heaven Can Wait" (with Warren Beatty) and "Down to Earth" (with Cris Rock". Has some sappy romance elements, but still love it.

Samuel M (au) wrote: A funny Star Trek parody with a great cast.

Kandis A (ag) wrote: I love true stories depicted in film. Can't argue with facts and the story was really good!!!

K N (fr) wrote: Just another sexist and homophobic piece, and a VERY accurate view on the young high school male sex life: trying to score with the "un-giving" and "easy to persuade" girl and not making it mean anything, but sex and social hierarchy. A lot of the movie was terribly awkward, embarrassing, very crude ... but at least I laughed once or twice. And at least the movie changed from "sex is the most important thing" to "sex pretty much sucks and doesn't really matter."