Nothing More

Nothing More

In Havana, a post office branch is more than a place of bureaucratic rules and regulations to ensure effective public services. This is where Carla Perez works. A young dreamer, this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Andy C (kr) wrote: Deferent style racing movie! Racing school with a a bunch a plot twisting! Good view

Stephen B (kr) wrote: Leon de ce film, un film qui se veut intelligent ne peut tre fait par des cons.On gardera simplement le jeu philosophal qui n'en est pas tout a fait un puisque confront aux ralits de la situation soumise.

sari p (de) wrote: Actually i've seen the movie on tv cable, but just a glimpse of it, i'll make an effort next time to watch it fully.. ;p

Mike T (br) wrote: A very spectacular romance and wonderful dramatic pulpy movie with something for everyone. It's a modern instant classic. Great acting, great movie.

Joe H (de) wrote: Much better than you would expect, as its for TV. Bradley is a God so instant 3 stars for this.

Arai A (ag) wrote: You might think it would be difficult to fashion an entertaining account of the life of a polyester manufacturer, even a fictitious one. But director Mani Ratnam has done so with "Guru," an epic paean to can-do spirit and Mumbai capitalism.

Luis Rafael D (ag) wrote: un film hecho con gran maestria y genio...una obra de calidad maxima y una de las peliculas dramaticas mas originales que se han hecho

felicia d (ag) wrote: really good movie very entertaining

Al P (ru) wrote: U havent seen poison Iv 2?

Ethan A (gb) wrote: This look at the rigging of game shows in the 1950's is simply engrossing from beginning to end. Outstanding.

Preston T (gb) wrote: This is the most boring kids movie I have ever seen. No kid would be entertained by this.

Mad M (ca) wrote: Sci-fi meets vintage, I'm philosophical but I'll whoop your ass, Swayze.

Clark M (it) wrote: Not as funny as the first two movies.