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Hazel Flagg of Warsaw, Vermont receives the news that her terminal case of radium poisoning from a workplace incident was a complete misdiagnosis with mixed emotions. She is happy not to be... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Josh F (jp) wrote: I think in the case of life sentences, no concerned party will have a problem with dropping the decimal and rounding to the nearest number.

Bra K (ca) wrote: A compelling story of one determined family, an exceptional loss, and the bullshit of government.

Andrew B (nl) wrote: Hilariously ridiculous.

Noname (ru) wrote: A true story based Vietnam movie about a pilote "Christian Bale" crashing and captured by the enemy. The movie take place mostly in the camp/prison and its not many action scenes but quite decent anyway..

Gregory W (gb) wrote: my least fave adaption of material from sci-fi writer phillip k dick

Jennifer C (fr) wrote: Sounds interesting enough...

Long L (es) wrote: I'm not sure, but I think they just put porn actors/actresses in a non-porn movie. If the movie was legitimate or not, the acting still didn't improve. So, I think these people should stick to doing whatever it was they were doing before. I know David Carradine wasn't doing much, but you'd figure he'd at least do a better movie. This wasn't even remotely entertaining.

Jack G (es) wrote: bad but funny bad, sometimes uproariously bad and featuring the "What" guy from Pulp Fiction as the villain. If my friend Fred got hit in the head and then wrote and shot a movie it might be this.

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