Nothing Special

Nothing Special

A young and successful insurance underwriter must allow her mentally unstable mother to move in with her after the institution in which the mother had been living is deemed unfit for occupancy. The mother then begins to dislike how close her daughter is with her boss.

Louise is an ambitious young woman who works as an insurance underwriter and live a happy life with her housewife mother May. Things start to go wrong when May discovers that her daughter gets involved in a secret relationship with Catherine, her trailblazing boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon S (br) wrote: Want to feel like a complete an utter dumb-ass within the first 3 minutes of looking at a film? Look at this movie ; )But in all seriousness, I loved it. I would hope that these would be things we each consider and wrestle with on a regular basis. But I would also hope we balance those considerations with a healthy share of levity and humor~I loved the use of condense words in the film. One of the first things they address is how little time each interviewee will have and yet they each manage to compact a lot into the little words they say. On the other hand, I would've appreciated some much simpler terms occasionally. (I could empathize with those who did this in that I sometimes find myself searching for these simple words instead of getting caught up the $10 words I've become accustomed to).The question that the 2nd interviewee, Peter Singer, poses is a GREAT one! (ethics and money)His 2nd is also a great one: "can we make our academic studies more relevant to the important questions of the day?"I wonder all the time what it would be like to have our leaders be philosophers like these - to have "philosopher kings"...3rd: "we need an ocean of global citizenship [...] where it's okay to be different" - I couldn't agree moreThe lady who talked about access for all persons of varying abilities seems to be a VERY important topic. I think if we did what she imagines, we'd have even more solutions/ideas available to fix our world.I was less than thrilled about the interview w/ the guy on the boat/ Though it was the best backdrop, his points were too scattered. My take: "revolution" must be started in the minds!Though I disagree with the Russian's proposal to not only further alienate ourselves from Nature but to further marry ourselves to the artificial (though I could perhaps be convinced otherwise), I fully appreciated his ability to get his idea OUT of himself : )I think that if his idea is to do this to convince us to move BACK to nature than it will only be temporarily learned by a generation or twoAll and all, as with most things philosophical, I would've preferred more reflection on their thoughts for ACTION

Nitai A (ru) wrote: Do yourself a favor and don't even care to watch this movie. Yes, it is THAT bad. After 30 minutes I had to turn off.

Bart (es) wrote: "Bruno is lazy, out of work and late with his rent." i feel so identified with bruno :O

Niels S (us) wrote: Noget af en rken... h ... junglevandring.

Steve D (ag) wrote: Has its moments but never embraces the all out camp it probably should have. Not a great film by any means but I have seen plenty of worse blockbusters.

Sylvester K (au) wrote: This is a heart-warming, inspirational film about prisoners who become masters of gardening. Based on a true story, which is even better. It's nice to see a different prison film. Although it's not as funny as it could be, it has managed to entertain.

Paul M (br) wrote: hilarious nostalgic fun.

Bryan G (jp) wrote: This little known Jack Nicholson film was better than I expected it to be. The cast was excellent and Jack Nicholson was great and Michael Caine played a good bad guy and was pretty creepy at the same time. I recommend this movie.

Bert D (fr) wrote: Great movie love all the action.Just like Mad Max 1 and 2.And the new Mad Max.Who knows maybe a few hundred years from now it might happen to the world.Seen the movie many times a year. When i get bored of most movies i watch it again and again.Love that type of movies need more of it.There is a story to it that i dont think a lot of people see it.Great actors to the movie also. Fits the parts very well.

Pasha A (kr) wrote: I like these lines:"I'm not seeking to be understood any more. I want to understand. I'm not asking to be loved. I want to love."

Sbastien D (br) wrote: Un producteur de luxe (Martin Scorsese), des acteurs de qualit (C) (Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Bill Murray, David Caruso)... tout nous promettait un film en or! Mais le souffl (C) retombe aussitt de part une mise en scne trop tape--l'oeil et un sc (C)nario manquant de punch, d'int (C)rt et d'enjeu. Restent un semblant de suspense et un Bill Murray inqui (C)tant souhait.

Eddie P (kr) wrote: A surprisingly good prequel and sequel that explains the origins of Norman Bates and adds a fitting conclusion to the series.