Nothing Underneath

Nothing Underneath

Thriller in Milan, Italy, where a serial killer uses scissors to assassinate top-models. A Yellowstone park ranger, from Usa, arrives in the city to protect his sister, but she has vanished. The guy will meet a lot of people and will know the (sometimes dangerous) world of international jet-set. But soon the killer will search for him too...

Thriller in Milan, Italy, where a serial killer uses scissors to assassinate top-models. A Yellowstone park ranger, from Usa, arrives in the city to protect his sister, but she has vanished... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dustin P (br) wrote: I love the AVGN reviews and all of James Rolfe's other online shows, but this was not very good. I was shocked at how dull and unfunny it was. I'm still an AVGN fan, but in my opinion this was not worth all the effort that he put into this.

Sheepy A (kr) wrote: I love itbut how do you watch it??

Megan B (it) wrote: Even if you don??t know who Ron Jeremy is (which is hard to believe) this documentary is about more then just one man??s life. It??s really examining the porn industry and the film industry and the hypocrisy and controversy in the two. Many porn actors got into the business in hopes of using it as a spring board for a real acting career but that doesn??t always happen. This movie is looking at Ron Jeremy??s struggle to try to get the respect and credit he deserves. The movie also breaks down the man behind the legend and show how a Jewish kid from the Bronx became one of the biggest names in porn. The film is a lot of fun (does not show a lot of explicit sex if you were afraid of that) but rather documents Ron??s personal life which is just as interesting.

Stacy M (au) wrote: Although I think this film was a little odd, it was very delightful. It really got at how crazy and manipulative women can be, especially if you have more than one in a room at a time.

Adesh P (jp) wrote: Vivek mushran is locked somewhere in a haveli and Dilip kumar comes to rescue him but the problem is how to find him in such a huge haveli? I'll tell you- Dilip kumar starts singing "ILU....ILU" - cut to: Amrish Puri, he asks Gulshan grover- "Yeh ILU ILU kya hai?"Saudagar has plenty of such stupid moments, mostly in the last thirty minutes, yet it works big time. dilip kumar's performance, breath taking visuals(Ashok Mehta), typically larger than life laximant pyarelal songs and mostly engaging screenplay brings back the memories of certain films which were no matter how stupid, they had full conviction in what they showed- eventually making the whole film strangely very innocent, sweet and paisa vasool. I love Bollywood of this kind.

Duncan B (ru) wrote: One of the better ones

Adam S (fr) wrote: Coming on the verge of his late British run of masterworks, this light musical comedy has always been overshadowed, and Hitch didn't think much of it either, but watch it for entertainment (and the director's increasing visual sophistication), and it's quite good.

Lucy F (gb) wrote: Genuinely moving score, wonderful locations in Egypt (the cast suffered). Starry cast: Davis, Ustinov, Niven, Farrow. Poirot is warmer and more sympathetic than he is often portrayed (there are clues in the books). Christie moaned about being saddled with a Belgian detective with a set of annoying mannerisms, but I think she put a lot of herself into him. Hon mention to Angela Lansbury as failed romantic novelist Salome Otterbourne (I'd love to read HER books). On a river trip, everyone has a motive for killing the eventual victim and the killer(s) eliminate witnesses. But they'd all have been helpless without a decent script.

Dustin G (ru) wrote: A loving tribute to, for the most part, the best cinema has to offer and a very good idea on how to preserve these films for future generations. Full of clips and opinions from a whole host of cinema greats, oddly, the one guy you'd expect to be all over this, Scorsese, didn't participate. It's his loss though, highly recommended to anyone who loves film.