Nothing Ventured

Nothing Ventured

What venture capital or VC for short actually means is explained the film itself. Banks only lend money against collateral. Those who have none have to turn to VC companies and pay interest of 40%.

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  • Country:USA
  • Director:Harun Farocki
  • Writer:Harun Farocki, Matthias Rajmann

What venture capital or VC for short actually means is explained the film itself. Banks only lend money against collateral. Those who have none have to turn to VC companies and pay interest of 40%. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (br) wrote: Pretty cool. It's interesting to see Jackie Chan in a different kind of role. This is much more of an adult movie than most of his films, much darker--not everyone gets a happy ending. That's actually what I prefer for Jackie Chan...I kind of find his whimsical, nobody-gets-hurt films to be kind of annoying. I like this change of pace.

joey s (au) wrote: How do you make a terrible movie with Patrick Wilson and Amy Smart, well.. this is a perfect example. That's the problem with first time filmmakers, to much into their art and not the story. This boring was beyond boring, each scene seem to go on forever, i drifted away in a matter of moments, could hang on to this very forgettable and disappointing film.

Blake S (es) wrote: It is a mildly interesting story but it is repetitive, offers only one perspective and is told largely in bad dramatic recreations, the kind that are used in cheap documentaries. he goes to great lengths to explain that he is a sex addict something so easy to grasp that anyone who knew the title understood but he glossed over the process of recovery which to some people would be much more helpful to know and others would find it more interesting. The other side effect over not going into detail on the recovery process is that we have no evidence that he is recovered other than his word, it seems he believes he is he likely isn't lying but he could be wrong.

Hugo C (mx) wrote: a crystal clear description of a vague lust and affair. (and the soundtrack was good!)

Paul D (us) wrote: One of the best Godzilla entries, my only issue is that it's so good, but the monster that Godzilla has to fight is Mechagodzilla, AGAIN. I feel that Mechagodzilla is always around and really isn't very cool. I'd much rather have an actual creature there for Godzilla to do battle with. This was the best use of Mechagodzilla that I have seen though. The special effects are are a definite step up from where they've ever been, even the CGI which is usually weak in this franchise is still pretty good. The story is also pretty good and the human element, which is usually the weakest part of the films, does a good job balancing the movie out. All in all, this is fighting for one of the top spots out of the entire series.

Paul D (de) wrote: The film has a fast pace in part due to its quick edits and cuts throughout. Worthy, but has a style that has to be tolerated.

Veronique K (ru) wrote: "toni" is jean renoir's pioneering stimulus to italian neo-realism under the aroma of picturesque backwater surrounded with the rural pastures, the barren cliff and placid vineyards that weave a backset of astrayed affairs in a noirish mode with the trampy femme fatale and his willing romantic sap as the sacrificial lamb. the story is about the italian immigrant toni who is transported to french countryside to earn his honest living...and toni gets tangled up with two females, one is his virtuously generous landlady marie, the other is the lecherous josefa who literarily sleeps with every possible man she could seduce. futilely toni crazes for virtueless josefa but heartbroken by her infidelity so he ends up marrying marie but still carries a torch for josefa. eventually toni becomes the sucker utilized and doublecrossed by josefa and her ruthless cuckold. the social satire aspect is the whirling round of italian immigrants, after toni's ill-fated closure, there're yet another bunch of naive foreign immigrants departing from the train with their naive dreams in this desolate field. to be faithful to the consistancy of neo-realism, the music score of toni is accompanied completely by immediate guitar -playing by the background, and every character looks as crudely primitive as possible to create an atmosphere of wasteland, and contrarily this arrangement feels offbeatly poetic in an artlessly natrual way just like an endearing folk song with contagious affinity.

Jonathan L (ru) wrote: A magical and cozy family movie, made exceptionally well of J.K Rowlings fantastic book. The tones of the movie is great and the music is amazing. The kid actors does a descent to good job considering there age and experience. While the more experienced actors are exceptional, they really make their characters their own.

Rob F (kr) wrote: Action packed blockbuster. Does not dissapoint

Steve G (es) wrote: Not bad, but way too teenage angsty to be really good. Characters and story are too "American" for the movie to really shine