Notte prima degli esami - Oggi

Notte prima degli esami - Oggi

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Julie S (ca) wrote: No Chemistry. None. Not between the leads nor between "the friends". This movie had the chance to be great. Packed full of talented actors (Topher Grace, Anthony Maki, Luke Wilson) that was just wasted. Chris Evans is a good actor, but even his looks and charm can't overcome terrible writing.

Heather M (ca) wrote: I doubt that I will ever watch this one.

Raymond S (kr) wrote: it's better since Kentucky Fried Movie.

Senghor H (es) wrote: Been waitin on this one for well over a year, too bad I may hav to drive an hour to see it.

marvin j (gb) wrote: My family loves this movie. myself I fall asleep lol....

Private U (it) wrote: I love this movie. I still remember the emotion I felt the first time I watched it 15 yrs ago. I enjoyed it just as much when I watched it last week. I even noticed a famous face that I had overlooked before, that being David Arquette. A lot of people have never heard of this and that really is a shame because I consider it a modern classic.

Shawn W (ca) wrote: Profitable Golan-Globus offering is quite entertaining despite the by-the-book script and suspect acting. In this area of California, turf wars seem to be settled by dance offs over drive-byes.

Adam A (ag) wrote: Steven Spielbergs steady direction keeps the story grounded, interesting and believable, and nonethless "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" is both suspenseful and authentic at the same time.

Art S (us) wrote: So, this film was a bit like a fast food meal - you've had it before, you know what it tastes like, it's pleasing when it goes down, but then you aren't really completely satisfied feeling a bit like you shouldn't have eaten it. A French version of The French Connection or at least a version of the law enforcement challenge of taking down that big heroin ring in the'70s that saw Marseilles serving as the middleman between Turkish poppies and American consumers. Jean Djuardin is charismatic as the magistrate in charge of the investigation and Gilles Lellouche is suitably unsavoury (but not without some sympathetic notes) as the drug kingpin, but damn if the whole script isn't full of clichs. I guess we could just chalk it up to this being a genre pic and leave it at that (the prosecutor that risks all, neglected wife who threatens to leave, the villain who is vaguely noble but not coping well with the heat, the possible rats within the ranks of the cops). But despite the vaguely stimulating Scorsese-like moves (i.e., with pop music and travelling cameras) things ultimately end up a bit flat and then I'm hungry again.

Michael B (gb) wrote: Classic Disney TV adaptation of Davy Crockett.

Josh P (de) wrote: Greatest super hero movie ever.