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Nouvelle vague


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Louise D (de) wrote: Great capturing of that vulnerable, self-righteous, self-conscious phase. Very sweet, funny and original. "It's the opinions that matter."

James R (mx) wrote: A nice 10 minute film about Jonah Hex. The fact that this is better than the full life action movie says something. Thomas Jane lends his voice for Jonah and although this is short it proves that Jonah Hex can be a fully realized franchise. Definitely recommend it.

Ava H (ag) wrote: This is an excellent movie, exposing the brutalities of the oppressive regime, emotional, insightful, brave. MUST SEE

Tyler R (kr) wrote: A decent action comedy. I laughed quite a few times and the plot was fast paced. Eddie Murphy made the movie watchable but believing that Owen Wilson is a spy is a stretch.

Tori G (nl) wrote: I really want to see this, I love An American Tail!

Timothy S (ag) wrote: Before the "Fast and the Furious" franchise came along and made fancy driving fashionable at the moves again, there was "Black Dog", an exceedingly dumb and cliche-ridden action movie centered around over-the-road truckers. Patrick Swayze has admittedly made more than his fair share of turkeys during his career, but a lot of them like "Roadhouse" have been so enjoyably bad they have achieved cult status. This film is just bad, and it takes itself way too seriously. It's sorely lacking in the whimsical exaggeration that made so many of his earlier cheese-fests such winners, and the direction is clunky. Kevin Hooks got his start directing television episodes, and judging from most of his theatrical features, TV is clearly where he belongs. Granted it doesn't help your action film when all of the chase scenes involve big rigs topping out around 45 miles per hour. The story is a collection of cliches assembled from other films, and I firmly believe that this does not contain one original thought or line of dialogue. Swayze himself is disappointing as well with his Terminator haircut, as he does not appear to be in on the joke. The bad guys are dull and uninteresting as well, with only Meatloaf showing some life here, but he's not very menacing. The picture is not fun at all, yet it's impossible to take him seriously. You have to kind of admire a film that is this brain-dead, but did "Black Dog" really have to be this dull too? It just goes to show you that the Swayze magic for turning the ridiculous into pure cinematic gold does have its limitations.

Corey T (ca) wrote: If you are a fan of the show, do watch it. But don't judge the show by this movie. The movie is slow with reused jokes. I does have a few good moments but never captures the magic of the series.

Greg W (br) wrote: gr8 directorial debut from the master

Felipe P (us) wrote: Esse filme tinha tudo para ser bom, mas parece que faltam alguns minutos para finalizar bem a histria.

teri g (jp) wrote: i thought it was good I liked it, had some humor and some eerie stuff...well made for a christmas horror story