November Moon

November Moon

Two women fall in love in nazi-occupied France, and must fight to survive the war. A task made more difficult as one is a jew on the run from Germany.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:paris france,   jew,   france,  

Two women fall in love in nazi-occupied France, and must fight to survive the war. A task made more difficult as one is a jew on the run from Germany. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rodrigo B (jp) wrote: Another proof that Billy Ray is a talented director. I hope he'll eventually get to play with a larger sandbox one of these days.

Peter M (ca) wrote: Also called no way up. a solid action movie that takes alot from spielbergs duel.

Jesse W (nl) wrote: Easily, by far the worst in this terrible series. In the end, almosf the entire plot ends up being completely pointless, not to mention the less than stellar acting, and the film's low budget definitely shows.

Cameron P (ca) wrote: With a bit of luck, it'll ruin your life forever

John M (mx) wrote: It is higgledy-piggledy; its characters are weak, and it's only occasionally mildly amusing. There are some decent ideas here, but they are never fully realised, and even the considerable acting talent seems weighed down by the material.

Aj V (ca) wrote: A brilliantly wacky movie. I absolutely love it. Crispin plays a charmingly weird guy you can't help but love, and he's so funny too. The whole movie is full of zany comedy. One of my favourite movies of the 90s, I highly recommend it.

Catherine Y (nl) wrote: Liked the real time filming of robbery on the train.Good to see on big screen as part of Catherine Deneuve " Une R (C)trospective @AFdeSydney Classic Film Festival. However she is hardly on screen.

Reggie Y (ca) wrote: Very entertaining.. must see...

Dave C (de) wrote: King kong fighting a giant nuclear robot who shoots lazers! Fun! fun! fun!

Whit w (kr) wrote: I had heard good things about "Curse of the Demon" but I always bring a full serving of pessimism to old, raved about '50s movies because the vast majority of them are remembered fondly from childhood viewings. Very seldom does one end up being a really good movie. I can think of examples, like the original versions of "The Fly", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "The War of the Worlds". I think "Curse of the Demon" has a right to be mentioned in the same company. I was watching a featurette about Richard Matheson on a "Trilogy of Terror" DVD called "Richard Matheson - Terror Scribe". On it, Matheson talks fondly of "Curse of the Demon". He claims that it had a lasting impact on him, primarily the less-is-more theory he wished it had stuck to. The controversy he hints at is the actual demon that is shown in the movie. His claim is that it nearly ruins the film. I can't believe I am saying this but Matheson is wrong. The appearance of the demon is very effective and while it's clearly a puppet of some sort, the way that it first appears in the night sky as rolling smoke and then reveals itself as a horned entity is nightmarish. The story itself is a precursor to Sam Raimi's "Drag Me To Hell". The villain (Niall MacGinnis) plots and a hero (Dana Andrews) doubts which seems like a pretty standard story line but it's very satisfying because it's done with subtlety. You have to pay attention to the details sprinkled throughout. One thing I was also surprised by was a number of jump scares. Normally you don't encounter them with a film of this age but they were fun here. The demon attack at the end of the movie is savage and very effective too, even though it lacks all gore. This film needs more love.

Martin T (ru) wrote: Another excellent work by Mizoguchi, much in the same vein in his other work but it's still distinct enough to stand out. The story is engaging and moves swiftly, with compelling performances by Hasegawa and Kagawa. Really great use of traditional music as well. Just one thing bugs me: the deck is stacked against the protagonists by the outdated laws and mores of their period. This story is sad, but it's not as powerful to a modern audience because it simply couldn't happen that way anymore.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Not really that terrible, but poorly done. This is an incredible oversimplification of how lax parenting can create a bad child. In Jimmy's case, it was mostly stupidity (as Joel correctly states at the end of the MST3K episode for this.)

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Jay B (fr) wrote: Goofy and absurd... but fun enough.