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Now You Know

On the eve of his bachelor party, a man learns his fiancee wants to call off the wedding. The unmarried couple returns to New Jersey to sort out their relationship.

On the eve of his bachelor party, a man learns his fiancee wants to call off the wedding. The unmarried couple returns to New Jersey to sort out their relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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william b (ca) wrote: I read Robert E Howard when I was a young buck. Good adventure story.

Shane D (ca) wrote: this is a movie that I love more every time I watch it. It's a great horror comedy that's way more vicious than it's goofy title may suggest. I mean, there is humor (such as one white trash zombie putting another one back together with duct tape and a staple gun), but some of the shit that goes down is pretty twisted. The gore is front, center, and most importantly, practical.The red stuff is in full flow in this one. The saws-all amputation is soooooo meaty. Now may I take a moment to talk about the ladies? [ahem] GOD DAMN! There is a pants tightening (or dampening) assortment of the fairer sex on display here. And camp to spare. One of my favorite horror movies to come out in the last ten years. I'd almost like to see a series. Norma would make a great boogeyma'm.

Will L (gb) wrote: It's not actively bad, but aside from characters that are only notable for how bland they are, it really just has nothing to offer. The music is mediocre, the staging of the musical numbers is merely passable, and it seems to think it's telling a story that hasn't been told thousands of times before, or at least putting a fresh spin on it.

Michael B (fr) wrote: Well done tv movie biopic on Ike, focusing on the days up to D-Day. Selleck gave an excellent performance.

Danny R (ca) wrote: JFK conspiracy fans will like this one. The acting in this movie was superb. I liked that it was in the same fashion as the Blair Witch Project with the hand held camera but it wasn't necessarily a running around type of film. The tension is builds up to a great climax. The subtle tricks to make the movie look more realistic were really neat too.

Farron K (nl) wrote: The one that made Vin Diesel a household name. Also known as the only reason anyone knows who Rammstein are. After 12 years, this movie still holds up as an enjoyable summer action film. The CG is dated and the soundtrack is buried in Industrial and Nu Metal, but it actually seems to help it be the dumb run-and-gun romp that it is. The action scenes are honestly more enjoyable than the stuff you'll see in most movies today, and aside from the avalanche, it's all real effects. Vin does a good job delivering his one-liners, the love interest is the typical Bond Girl (in a good way), and for a 2-hour Michael Bay-ish movie the script is pretty solid. A few continuity errors pop up, such as how XXX would know that the boat has 30 minutes before it reaches it destination, but they're not a huge deal. Overall, the style and action of this movie explains why I watched it to the point of being physically sick of it in 2003. Worth a watch.

andrew p (kr) wrote: does what he does best

David M (kr) wrote: This is a boring film. Don't watch it. Just leave it at that. It is so dumb that it makes you want to just tear your eyes out. It has a ridiculous plot that doesn't grab any attention. If you are going to watch this.....just sleep. It is better you get rest than watch a sad, terrible movie like this one. If you like elephants though, go ahead and give this movie a try. I wouldn't recommend it though.

Josh S (br) wrote: I loved this movie when I was a kid, but now I don't remember a bit of it. It was great, though.

Hillary D (ca) wrote: 2Pac & Janet 2gether was nice because their lyrics reflect poetry...

Alex F (au) wrote: Ultimately, a tale of the rise of the French right wing in the 1930's. Few like Bunuel to tell this kind of stories in his own way and style. Absolutely essential for any Bunuel fan.

Jason K (it) wrote: As with most action movies and this cast- it has its plot holes but overall is enjoyable, well acted, has a decent "who done it" script, and is forward moving.

Xu Y (us) wrote: Herzog is AWESOME!!!