Nowhere Safe

Nowhere Safe

Nowhere to run...Nowhere to hide. After two teen girls cruelly impersonate her online in a reverse cyber bullying plot, Ashley s reputation is ruined. She and her mother, Julie (a high school teacher), are ostracized, forcing them to flee an escalating threat to their lives. Starting over in a new town and school, romantic interests and the poignant lessons from Kevin, an eccentric history teacher, draw them out of seclusion. However, when the past catches up with Ashley, she draws on what she s learned from Kevin s history lessons, giving her strength to stand tall rather than giving in to the bullies that torment her. With the support of her mother and new found friends, Ashley confronts her painful past, using the very tools of social media and technology that originally hurt her to expose lies and spread the truth.

After being impersonated on the network by two cruel friends, Ashleys reputation is ruined. She and her mother must flee the area. Starting again at a new school, the deep lessons from a eccentric history teacher and good friends help Ashley get rid of the obsession in the past and stand up for the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angelo Dean B (mx) wrote: 1 Star for Colin Firth and 1 Star for Emily BluntSatisfying performances from the two but didn't get to like how the movie played, its like chasing and pursuing something but ends with a big question mark.2 Stars!

Bela B (us) wrote: Surprisingly funny and lever play with the usual cangster/who-dun-it-clichees and a wonderfully stupdidifyingly twisted story that kkeeps twisting far beyond where they should end, which makes the first viewing a pleasure. Aslo: Gary Oldman as Elvis Impersonator.

Mike C (es) wrote: No, it's not the attraction to nothingness. It's a silly premise where, when aroused, a person with an extra chromosome changes gender. How two ended up in the same small town, or the third one found them, etc, well I believe reality has been suspended enough to allow these questions. It could have been really silly and still is, but it's also a nice movie. The big catch is kinda interesting...sort of David Duchovny in Return to Me where the two will love each other no matter what. On the independent side, it has a lot of the feel of Michael Rappaport in that superhero movie. Anyway...spoiler so if you don't want dont read on. The big appeal of the movie is the open-mindedness. In our time of homophobia, it's nice to see a movie say who gives a shit. He changes into a girl and that pretty much screws him over, right? Well, the girl that so turns him on just happens to be a zerophiliac as well, and their alters just happen to be attracted to one another also. Nice theme that no matter what they will love each other. The bit at the end seems to prove this as they move through the different characters. Anyway, not bad for an independent. Cool idea that maybe could have been handled better, but can't have it all.

Robert I (jp) wrote: Sometimes a movie just makes you want to throw up all the way through. Does the end justify the means? Maybe not. However, I believe in the Movie God because after all the shit, backstabbing, and conniving arrogance somehow we end up with "Boondock Saints" on the shelf and it is untainted by the festering evil that created it. Blessed be, Movie God, for thy name is the Lord. Back to the movie, it's an effective documentary, not too in depth, but I would've been scared to go any deeper.

Emod L (ca) wrote: 92%Hilarious to no end, What About Bob? is simply a must-watch comedy for all Bill Murray lovers.V: 67%

William R (ca) wrote: The definition of a sequel not knowing what to do with itself

Uilleam M (fr) wrote: Loved it. Wonderful statement on the dangers of conformity.

ScubaSteve Walter M (mx) wrote: The expectations are just too high for this film, can't blame the fans if they hoped for the best. Instead Zatoichi and Yojimbo seems to be out of character. Yojimbo seems more crooked than usual and he didn't even demonstrate any superb fight scenes or any tactical advantage. Zatoichi on the other hand, is more funny than usual. Because of this, he has become a cheesy comic relief, it's a bit too much for Ichi. Now talking about the story, it's not the usual Zatoichi story, it's similar to the Yojimbo story in which gangs are being manipulated by Yojimbo, this time however Zatoichi is added to the mix and comes out victorious in the end. They added a government conspiracy to the plot but this doesn't keep my interest at all. And for the moment that any fan is waiting for, Yojimbo and Ichi clashed their swords! Yes they did, but it's quite short and ended as an even match. Nobody really knows which swordsman is better than the other. LOL.Forgetting the lapses of the film, it's interesting to see the two epic characters of chambara are showcased in one film.

Ruth L (br) wrote: Probably NOT historically accurrate, but this bio-pic of Jerome Kern has some fantastic numbers in it. And it showcases all of MGM's musical talent to perfection. These are songs that will just blow you away. And look for Angela Lansbury in the swing number; she's a knockout.

Martin D (gb) wrote: Wesley Snipes is battling bad guys in the air again, this time with parachutes, in this action-packed suspense thriller. Pete Nessip (Snipes) is a Federal Marshall who, teamed with his brother Terry (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), is escorting criminal computer genius Earl Leedy (Michael Jeter) to a new prison facility. Pete, Terry, and Earl are on a jet en route to Earl's new lockup when terrorists attempt a daring hijacking; Terry is killed in an explosion aboard the plane, and suddenly Earl is missing. Pete discovers that a team of sky-diving outlaws, led by former DEA agent gone bad Ty Moncrief (Gary Busey), have snatched Earl from his flight and spirited him away for a special raid on Washington D.C.; Ty and his men intend to take advantage of an obscure rule in which the normally restricted airspace in Washington D.C. is open to parachute enthusiasts on July 4. Eager to avenge his brother's death and put both Ty and Earl behind bars, Pete recruits sky-diving expert Jessie Crossman (Yancy Butler) to teach him how to infiltrate Ty's team of sky-bound criminals. Superb aerial stunt work highlights this film; please note that Pete's last name is an anagram for the leading man's last name.