A film about Numbalikdiwa.

A mysterious accident has separated Jaap from his beloved Rose, but they continue to talk to each other in their minds and dreams. As Jaap struggles to come to terms with what happened, his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nu. torrent reviews

Mickala G (us) wrote: Terrible Horrid AfullShit

John V (jp) wrote: Ouch. Hard to watch so many good actors trying to rescue a misbegotten project with not a single element of good drama.

Philip F (it) wrote: Very cute, is a film that does not smell and does not stink. The role of Abigail Breslin was good ... In general, I liked, I found super family.

Peter D (fr) wrote: pretty entertaining, with some fine laughs. Its just like watching southpark in space.

Alec B (kr) wrote: It was very very hipster and has some stereotypical "french vibes" but it was a fun foreign language french film. very artistic.

Andrew L (fr) wrote: Not Cox's best by a long way and pretty terrible alot of the time, but has an amusing cameo from Hopper and a great performance from the always cool Strummer. Could have done with Courtney Love though.

Kim B (gb) wrote: I would've given this movie 3 stars but it was done in such bad taste. Trust me, I love a good brothel movie, especially one set in new Orleans with a good jazz music score. However, shields was too young for this role n there was a lot of nudity that was inappropriate for an 11 year old yuck. She isn't five prancing around without clothes, she's like 11 in this movie so that is verging on being pedafilia n creepy. How ironic that shes being pimped out in the movie n in real life. That being said, the story got boring after Sarandon left and seemed like it dragged at the end with no big climax or anything. Where is the responsibility or meaning in any of these films message? It seemed the only bad actions where the black n white sex n the mom disappearing, not the sexuality of a young girl.

Kristin H (au) wrote: It's a nice movie, but I personally don't think it was John Wayne's best. It did have some funny parts though. :)

Paul D (jp) wrote: I guess I just have a really soft spot for this film. While there are a few scenes that are so bad that they never should have made it into the film, but the majority of this movie is just a pure delight. Yes, I shed a few happy tears. Definitely worth watching at least once with the family.

Nicholas S (ag) wrote: This is a good movie