Nu xia mai ren tou

Nu xia mai ren tou

This tale is about a decapitating swordswoman who will let nothing stand in her way when she falls in love with a bandit's son. Chiao Chiao, made famous in One-Armed Swordsman, is the girl ...

Like any good jianghu swordswoman, Chiao Chiao is a wandering do-gooder for hire who specializes in dispatching the thieves and ruffians that prey on honest folk. Her morbid method of collecting payment, however, distinguishes her from the pack: after decapitating her opponents, Chiao Chiao sells their heads in the village market! But the bloody vigilante faces a crisis of conscience after she falls in love with the son of a highway bandit. When the young man is wrongfully imprisoned, one thing is certain: heads will roll! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy K (br) wrote: Great movie, although they make it seem like it was all easy.

Frances H (de) wrote: An interesting and very atmospheric film with two of my favorite actors--Robin Williams and Toni Collette.

Kristen F (gb) wrote: Very disturbing, but I like it.

Karine N (es) wrote: je l'avais jamais vu... pas mal.

DJ (gb) wrote: Didnt get to finish it, not sure if I should either.

Shawn W (kr) wrote: High school can be a tough place to fit in. Two teens find this out as they draw the ire of a clique of thugs in their new school. Another good role for James Spader playing a jerk.

Joel M (es) wrote: a typically fun Heston epic, although the way he so rapidly ascends to glory is a bit incongruous, just like with El Cid

Jarett B (ag) wrote: Finally, another brilliant giallo! Bava's film is nowhere near as gory as the thrillers I'm used to, but that is ok, he is a pioneer of the genre. He knows how to create tension and insane plot twists, all filmed as if it were a poem (or something lofty like that).Jan. 20/12 - To think that this is Bava's first color film is at once astonishing and yet logical. If it's your first time using color, why not go big or go home? The reds, greens, and blues foreshadow Argento's "Suspira" by over a decade. Perhaps, I've been hailing the wrong Maestro all my life? From the colors, the gloved handed killer, savage slayings, and lingering tracking shots, Bava predates Argento not only in years (obviously) but originality as well. The one thing Bava didn't have is a Goblin's soundtrack, although the jazzy scores on this film and "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" emphasis all that is the 1960s. After watching "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" and "Blood and Black Lace" back-to-back, there is no doubt in my mind (despite historians) that "B&BL" is the first Giallo, thus making Bava it's father and Argento the son.

Rory Fyfe S (ag) wrote: Good movie. With disturbing scenes, and great acting.

Scott R (de) wrote: There's no such thing as a classy slasher movie, right ? Well this is the exception that proves the rule. Jenny Wright is the smart damsel in distress, Clayton Rohner is her cool cop boyfriend. The villian of this film is stealing facial features from his victims to make himself over as Wright's dream-lover ... plus there's a stop-motion jackal boy ! See it !