Nude Django

Nude Django

A schoolteacher arrives in town with the map to a gold mine. The lesbian dance-hall owner schemes to steal the map.

A schoolteacher arrives in town with the map to a gold mine. The lesbian dance-hall owner schemes to steal the map. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott A (nl) wrote: I'll admit I started getting into pop music right when the Spice Girls came out, so of course I loved their singles and I had a big crush on Geri at the time...I've since swayed to Emma! Of course the movie is over the top goofy and stupid at times, but the Girls are adorable for the most part and they play all their music throughout the film. This movie is a prime example of how when you're hot, you do EVERYTHING. Cause shortly after they just vanished from the music scene.

Alex K (us) wrote: African-American Film Director Spike Lee Is My Ninth Favorite Film Director Of All Time.

Tom G (fr) wrote: I'm overwhelmed by Mani Ratnam. This is the second film I've seen of his political trilogy, and it seems like Danny Boyle has a lot to thank this director for. Manisha Koirala is a brilliant actress. I'm certain of this after seeing only two of her films, both with very distinctive roles. Surprisingly, she's a Nepali actress and studied documentary filmmaking.Anyway, if you want to watch a film about Hindu-Muslim tension and the suffering resulting from it in (now Mumbai of course), watch this. Though at times slightly unrealistic, the film is nonetheless thought-provoking.

Ed Fucking H (jp) wrote: An intresting film about the "nightmare of childhood." I could see a lot of people complaining about the seemingly random and creepy events of the film, but I think they are missing the point. The movie is shown through the eyes of a 9 year old boy who is going through several traumatizing expierences and nobody who he looks up to is able to explain what is going on in his life, so he is forced to create his own answers for why these things are happening to him. The film will leave you as confused as the boy is, but that is the point. Either way an excellent directorial debut from British playwright Phillip Ridley and several good performances from the actors (most notably a young Viggo Mortenson.) Recommended for fans of the bizarre,

Kerianna K (br) wrote: it looks a little bit boring [the trailer]

joao b (us) wrote: Quantum Of Solace no faz tanto rebulio quanto Casino Royale mas apresenta boas cenas de ao acompanhado de um bom roteiro.

Matty S (ru) wrote: Low budget, but well made film. Rachel Miner is particularly disturbing. The problem with this movie is that it is just too difficult to watch and with little point or cinematic "pay-off."