Nuit blanche

Nuit blanche


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1990
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  • Reference:Imdb
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Nuit blanche torrent reviews

Devine Nylaer B (mx) wrote: i want to watch this one

Kyle D (au) wrote: Stupid kid and monkey, that's why it has a good but not great rating.

sitenoise (fr) wrote: It's a bit of a challenge to stay with the back and forth through time and hair styles, as well as the to and fro among different characters revealing the same narrative points simultaneously, but the plot is simple enough to just let it go. It's a nice romantic series of snapshots with very likeable characters and a happy ending.

Sean M (us) wrote: Trader turned reckless gambler breaks bank he works for. Bosses know something is amiss but because of record profits coming out of Asia turn a blind eye. Sounds like a modern Aesop's Fable to me. Wife leaves him as well - I thought it was love !

Samuel C (br) wrote: A well-known cast in an overly maudlin melodrama.

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: Oscar win best actor Paul Lukas

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Ben Hecht was as smart a writer as they come, his work notable chiefly for his cynical but humorous bite, a jaded, crusty, hardboiled view of humanity tinged with heart, and here is no exception. A wily big city reporter attempts to salvage his flagging reputation by milking a cute story about a dying small town woman ... only she's 100% in the pink. And he doesn't know that.Although already designed from the ground up as built for fun it still rests firmly on the charismatic shoulders of its two leads. Fredric March is more than capable as the reporter, particularly with the laidback visit to stoic Vermont scenes, but the thing takes off and flies every time Carole Lombard even comes close to camera time.Tasty!

Devon W (it) wrote: First half of the movie was horridly boring and un-engaging. The last half, while ripe with creepy-ass imagery, suffered from many the same afflictions as the first block. Also, constantly abusing sci-fi sound effects, wolf howls and cat meows is NOT scary. Christ that shit was super annoying, it was there in spades anytime something even remotely odd was about to (or while, or even afterwords) happen on screen ruining any and all tension the movie was trying to build. What a waste.Given it's a Thai film I figured I owed it a watch to see what the horror genre is like over there. Needs work. :/