Nuit de la glisse: At the Very Last Moment

Nuit de la glisse: At the Very Last Moment


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Nuit de la glisse: At the Very Last Moment torrent reviews

Nathan C (ru) wrote: It was good and possibly something that could really happen in Texas. Wish the end was better played out though

Johnny C (it) wrote: It's embarrassing and humbling for me to admit how blind I was to societal injustice in modern America for all the years I spent drinking and being self-absorbed. I thank film-makers like this, as well as other notable authors and lecturers that have restored clarity to my vision and truly opened my eyes to the true evil nature of just how oppressive our court system and government truly is.

Jocey D (au) wrote: Relationships can be so complicated? and not everything is always what it seems. Great cast. Lindsay Lohan plays it very close to reality. Felicity Huffman could have used a better hairdresser.

Bill R (us) wrote: I couldn't really get into this movie. It literally put me to sleep. I don't wasn't bad and the whole thing was just alittle on the slow moving side. Maybe if I didn't work at a store I might of found something else about it. So, probably just not my movie.

Dave H (br) wrote: I've lost count of how many times I've seen this film. Anzac Wallace is magnificent as Te Wheke. The supporting cast, especially Bruno Lawrence, is superb. This is one of the finest frontier stories (I won't call it a Western) ever made. Utu is a powerful exploration of revenge on a violent frontier.

Devika M (nl) wrote: Strangely poetic film about the relationship between a spoiled society girl and a grave yakuza who seek adventure in the underground gambling dens. Full of cool, style, and operatic drama. Would be an interesting choice for Hollywood translation.

Liam C (ru) wrote: I thought the film would start with a big flash or something but this film lets you know what you're in for the moment it starts with its very first line and it's awesome, 'Dom Hemingway' is a very fun and unique film with a powerhouse Jude Law performance. Dom Hemingway is a fascinating character, in the first scene we learn so much about him. What he's like on the outside looks like a front just because of a lack of confidence with himself as we can see from his eyes that he looks very damaged and about to cry at any moment. Maybe I'm wrong but there's a lot more to him and a totally fascinating guy to follow, Jude Law is a total force of nature in this film and truly becomes the character. He put on weight for the role by drinking coke TEN TIMES? But there was a scene where he downs a pint, even though he didn't finish it like I thought he would but you could just tell from Law's eyes that he drank all that for real, he seemed a little queasy. There is a part at the start in prison where you'll think he'll say sorry to the guard because he gave him trouble and then was given some good news but that totally isn't in his character. I do feel bad for the young boy that has to hear everyone's language though but and Dom do have a nice end, although I did wonder why he was by himself but we soon find out who was there. There is another part at Mr. Fontaine's house where you think he'll say sorry just because he went over the line to the people around him but all he says is that he is bored! And even when he has to apologise at one point he does it in his own Dom Hemingway... way. Richard E. Grant was great but poor Dickie, he had to put up with a lot and even though they argue a lot, you can tell they are close. Jude Law played a Dickie once and now his character has one as a friend, how nice. I was a bit confused when Dickie said 'don't' to when Dom started to smoke, and then he goes and does at the end of the scene, sure that maybe because he doesn't care anymore but I thought we could have seen a reaction, by Dom, at least. I thought the 'don't' was in relation to when Dom said about all the people that get close to him die or lose all their money or the name Dom called his daughter's husband. Demian Bichir was great and while sounding like Javier Bardem, you are never quite sure if you can trust him or not. Despite what you've heard he seems like a nice guy, but of course until Dom provokes him and what they had for dinner that night, jeez. When they meet I expected Dom to say to Mr. Fontaine, 'you're not going to shoot me, right?' I also thought the present Dom brought up would be for his daughter. I did expect him to say a few things though, when he was in the first place that he goes when he is released from prison, I thought he would yell at all the people watching and the person he punched was pretty much dead anyway. You'd honestly expect him to go back to jail as soon as he got out. When he and Dickie get into an argument, I thought he was going to make a joke about cutting his other hand off. I thought he would yell at the person who was chewing the gum loudly and at the end I expected Dom to say that, ' I'm the fucker who's money you took', as well as shaking that guy's hand. There was one weird part though, at the start when Dom is having his argument with the guard, he says an insult to him and it just lingers on Dom, I thought more was coming. That driving scene was crazy and of course something bad was going to happen! I guess the only real complaint I have is that Dom does say his name quite a lot, and while it makes sense for his character, nearing the end I did start to wonder if the filmmakers were hoping that it was going to become a thing.The film looks and sounds great, it especially looks a lot different than most English indie flicks seem to. Most English indie flicks seem to have some sort of 'look' to them but this looked like it was made with a huge Hollywood budget. But it also has a distinctive style with title cards, no less; and you can see 'Skyfall' advertised on a bus at some point so you have a rough idea of when what scenes were filmed when, luckily though, that was the only bad part of the film. The film had an outstanding pace and it absolutely flew by so fast, it felt like the film was 5 minutes! This is probably due to the comedy being absolutely hilarious, I was laughing so much that I was in tears and couldn't even hear some of the dialogue just because of how long and how loud I was laughing. I had to rewind and pause many parts of the film just because of how much I was laughing; I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. The film does have less laughs near the end but it fits because of the way the story ends up going but it isn't like it forgets the jokes or anything, it is just the film knows when to get serious. The story of the film is quite creative and it moves on to new things quite quickly and I really don't want to spoil it but I love how all the plot points don't seem to have the most satisfying of ends for our lead character, it's different and you understand the point they're trying to get across. Although in the end he meets two characters by a bit of a huge coincidence, in the closing minutes of the film a lot has happened and the ending really has quite a lot of hope and it really got to me. When the film was playing I just wanted more Dom and I wanted it now, but honestly, I think the filmmakers were smart at keeping this just to an hour and a half. Regardless of that, the response wasn't all that great and the Tomatometer kept going all over the place with this film but I doubt it'll move much from now on. I don't really understand the complaints about, 'oh, he's too unlikeable, so I can't like this film', really? The film is totally crazy and you are warned by its covers, the one with him sitting down especially, and with the great tagline, but he doesn't even sit in that chair at first! 'Dom Hemingway', which is an awesome name, is a blast. I've been meaning to get around to this film for a while and I'm glad that I finally have.

Scott W (ru) wrote: I actually kinda liked this movie. Entertaining if you turn your brain off for it's running time.