Number 17

Number 17

A gang of thieves gather at a safe house following a robbery, but a detective is on their trail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Number 17 torrent reviews

Norma D (us) wrote: I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting better. OH well....

Troy K (ag) wrote: Okay for a watch if you're a horror buff, but it falls into the same crap it's making fun of, should have been smarter and funnier.

Eric V (kr) wrote: Interesting concept: by somewhat unbelievable circumstances a couple are stranded in the middle of the ocean, while nature waits in the distance preparing to attack. Although I enjoy the realism, this concept doesn't hold my attention for the short running time. Watch the non-Disney Frozen instead

Jim G (us) wrote: Simple FREAKIN' hilarious. If you haven't seen this movie, you're missing out on an awful lot of laughs.

Marissa S (us) wrote: Rented the movie based on the cover alone pretty much and it turned to be a pleasantly off-beat little thriller. I didn't like the ending, but definitely the kind of movie that keeps you guessing.

David L (fr) wrote: It's not a masterpiece nor is it supposed to be! It's a comfortable piece of drama and comedy routine which is executed in a believeable manner! One for the shelf, that you can pull out once in a while to just kick back with!

Jason S (jp) wrote: didn't live up to the 1st movie

Kelly H (jp) wrote: I could never get into the tedious book, and the movie version of "Green Mansions" is even less enchanting than the book. Fresh, new Audrey Hepburn must have seemed like a Godsend to those who were attempting to cast Rima, the so-called "Bird Girl," but she is overly made up for the role and looks like a fashion model tip-toeing through the Amazon forest ballerina-style. If ever there was a movie that should have lilted and soared, this would have been it, but it remains strangely earthbound. Tribal sequences are laughable, with too many naked, muscular men performing a Martha Graham dance centered around a ridiculous straw "Bird Girl" effigy that eventually goes up in flames. Anthony Perkins was also young a new here, but he has little to do but look bewildered and fascinated other than get captured and tied up by the Indians in a very familiar sequence. Mel Ferrer, Audrey's husband at the time, directed, and it is all very stagey, which can happen when a husband directs a star.

Allan C (br) wrote: Another interesting collaboration between director Budd Boetticher and star Randolph Scott. Charles Lang is credited with adapting the western story, but Boetticher's frequent writer Burt Kennedy did uncredited work on the script.

Steven W (de) wrote: I can't say I "get it," but it did keep me entertained for the duration - and the ending has quite a bite too

Frank P (mx) wrote: It seems better now than it did then.

Alailson B (ag) wrote: Keanu Reeves um paspalho.

Dave H (gb) wrote: Naff. Entirely rests on the considerable charm/personas of the two leads, who have a few moments. Decent prod standards/period setting. But atrociously messy plotting, mostly dull dialogue, and a depressing missed opportunity for the team up of the late '70s two biggest stars.