Number One

Number One

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Arabic,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:number in title,  

Aziz, a Moroccan macho, is changed to a "super feminist" after his wife casts a spell on him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian W (jp) wrote: An absolutely stunning film from one of my favourite directors, Ken Loach. This is heartbreaking, depressing and dismal. But it also shows the spirit of kindness and how, even against all odds, that it can still shine through. It also shows a side to the UK that you don't normally see and how ordinary people, good people, have to struggle to make ends meet.

Eric H (br) wrote: Incredible documentary and great insight into the Williams sisters life.

Thomas F (nl) wrote: L'ide de dpart est intressante mais le traitement de l'ensemble laisse dsirer. L'humour n'est pas des plus efficace. Je n'ai pas ri une fois !!

Mikael K (ag) wrote: Old fashioned and fluffy, "Paris 36" might appeal to some just because of the nostalgic value, but as a story it falls flat with thin characters and a too familiar plot. And I did think that the production wasn't that ambitious either; this is a musical that doesn't really have the entertainment value and definitely not the soundtrack to make it a quality sample of the genre. Instead the end result is tedious and flat, with too little extravaganza and minimum substance.

Judson C (ag) wrote: Wow very dark, somewhat predictable but quite interesting

Loreno v (es) wrote: "Anytime. Anywhere. He's watching." In Los Angeles, the psychopath Doug stalks the sexy Latin woman Amy is a park and follows her. REVIEW Shot entirely using body cams and spy cams, the movie attempts to explore the horror of the increase in stalking due to the advances in and availability of technology. The movie begins with a stalker, played by Colin Hanks, filming women at the beach and at the park, obviously searching for a victim. He chooses a girl, played by Ana Claudia Talancn, and begins following her, planting cameras in her apartment and slowly inserting himself into her life, using the knowledge he gained from the cameras to find common ground. I could see what the writer/director was trying to accomplish, but it was not entertaining enough to hold my interest without taking breaks. The acting was mostly convincing, although there were some spells of poor acting. The ending seemed very film-school and amateur.

Matt G (ca) wrote: Dark fury explains and sets up the beginning of the next film in the saga The Chronicles or Riddick, for this I only give three stars because of the terrible way the director presented the main characters, especially Riddick.

Stu G (es) wrote: Bruce Campbell in a French movie, what more can you ask for?

Cara M (br) wrote: I love this film. It's a great fun flick! Yes it's campy, but that is part of it's appeal!

Cody Y (gb) wrote: Possibly my favorite film. Certainly in the top 5.

Phil M (kr) wrote: A fantastic and hysterical film with an extremely creative story. Hugely imaginative. The ghostbusters and rush hour "swedes" are ingenious.

Peter Lorme F (ag) wrote: Brick offers a compelling story , great performances, compelling visuals as well as a dark and moody tone. While parts of the film may be considered over the top to most, "Brick" is the type of film that will be judged entirely on the viewers perspective. Some may find it too gloomy, other may find that the dark atmosphere perfectly complements the films tone. I am on the side of those who love this movie. While some plot twists are predictable, like the ending, most of them are actually surprisingly unexpected. I loved the dialogue of the film, the way it is written and performed is absolutely amazing. Everything that is not explained via dialogue is explained through the masterful visuals. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a spectacular job as the lead actor. Director Rian Johnson does nails it out of the park for his first ever feature film. With gripping cinematography, a great (but slightly over the top) script, quick and flashy editing (in a good way), "Brick" is a great film. It definitely needs to be seen multiple times to understand the complete message being portrayed. I would highly recommend this movie to film buffs, or any one looking for a damn good modern day noir. As a whole, I think this is a great film.Star Rating: 4.5/5Elementary Letter Rating: A

The Movie G (de) wrote: L.O.V.E this MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caandra J (gb) wrote: not really as good as I hoped it would be

Marcus W (ru) wrote: Great little horror anthology that twists and turns.