Numéro deux

Numéro deux

An analysis of the power relations in an ordinary family.

An analysis of the power relations in an ordinary family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Akhil A (kr) wrote: Good..good....wish he had used his camera more..!!!

Jack G (au) wrote: This guy is fuckin nuts, but he's an inspiration for some fuckin reason.

l w (ru) wrote: Sometimes I tell people what McNamara says in this movie when I want to freak them out.

Mark A (kr) wrote: I think its kind of a known fact that Temp employees get the short end of the rope. Four women, picked to work in office...they become friends & when something comes up missing in the office, watch what happens when these temps are treated like the bottom of the bucket! This is Parker Posey & Lisa Kudrow at her best!

Scott C (jp) wrote: Note: This is not a serious film. Believe it or not, it's parody of the days of slavery. That sounds like it's in unbearably poor taste. It is and it isn't. Picture a Quentin Tarantino movie set in slave times and you have this picture (note: Tarantino is supposedly working on a similarly themed film). I can see people being offended by it, but the makers meant well and the film does manage to depict the full on ugliness of slavery-something that hasn't been seen much since the 70s. This is a guilty pleasure - if you are not offended easily, this will be sure to entertain.

Rob M (mx) wrote: A lot of fun with a premise that works at the core as well today as it did in 1971. Typical overacting for the era and type of movie. Norman Lear at his best for the message to be careful what you ask for.

Stephen H (ag) wrote: It's the best my favourite Part is when it's Mavis'sBirth day

Lise L (ca) wrote: Weird. Really weird. And I mean that in a very positive way.

Matthew S (it) wrote: Another one of my favorite movies. Best to just pretend you're back in the cinema, turn out the lights, turn up the volume and just let this experimental film about identity wash over you. If you are not someone who appreciates David Lynch, experimental art or are afraid of the dark -- do not even attempt to watch it. Brilliant motion picture experience all filmed with cheap video cameras.

Tim W (gb) wrote: I never liked the story, or really any adaptation, and that includes this movie. It certainly wasn't bad, but it was too cliche, too cutesy at times, too Disney, not funny, nor a classic. However the animation was decent and Phil Collins wrote a couple great songs. And I'll admit there are times when the story kind of sucks me in.

amir s (jp) wrote: great comedy , best for chill day or night

Leo H (ca) wrote: A sentimental favourate .... James Carville and mary Matalin were at the opposite ends of presidential campaign between Clinton & Bush, and they were dating? Swear to god you can't even make up stuff like this ... it was funny, witty , intense and brizzare all rolled into one