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Nuremberg torrent reviews

Michael C (br) wrote: loved going to start reading the books

Corey T (ru) wrote: Started out creepy, and then just got more and more dumb. Not even enjoyable dumb.

Amie G (de) wrote: It brought a few tears to my eyes.

Zahraa I (ca) wrote: I've never seen anything like it :D

Melissa D (ru) wrote: Loved, loved, loved this movie! Well made, well played.

Sergio M (de) wrote: i love the pixies, but i wasn't that bothered about a reunion doc. however, i followed mr mcgregor's advice and gave it a go. i wasn't that convinced at the beginning (they all seemed too 'normal'), but as the film goes on and the melodrama unfolds, it just gets better and better. seing david almost disintegrate after his dad dies is heartbreaking. and kelley deal is scary, very scary. oh, and is joey santiago the loveliest person on earth? he's (almost) too nice!

Gillian M (de) wrote: This movie was so realistic to what people actually go through when dealing with the death of a loved one - I've been through it myself. It blended humour with pain so tastefully. Definitely a tear jerker. Sally Field hit the nail on the head with this movie.

Martin N (it) wrote: Probably not the best movie ever, but it kept me interested throughout. Chances are that I will still be thinking about it tomorrow, which can not be said for most movies. I love the cinematography and progression of scenes. Courteney Cox also gave the best performance I have ever seen from her.

Adam R (au) wrote: The humor isn't as funny as it is in other Adam Sandler movies. It's still entertaining enough with an interesting concept, but it's not one of my favorites. (First viewing - Spring 2004 in theaters)

kyo 9 (ca) wrote: " don't have to be a rock star to feel like one" Great don't have to believe in destiny since you never know what the future lies in.. Better to thrive what you have in present rather to jeopardize everything for something that you yourself didn't sure about it.. cheers!

Jen G (ru) wrote: Troma version is hilarious, true Troma cinema as usual. The original is pretty good as well in my opinion.

Jarrin R (ru) wrote: This is one of the cases where the second movie is better than the first. It packs more laughs and a fresher screenplay. I really enjoyed this film.

Nicholas M (ag) wrote: STILL the best concert film ever made...

Damien K (ag) wrote: Yikes! Passion + Obsession = DEVASTATION.

Matt C (ru) wrote: Kind of like 'Apollo 13' but before that even happened, this goes heavy on the technical and the dramatic tension suffers as a result. For such a heavy hitting cast hardly any of them are given much to work with. Functional basically.

Lou S (fr) wrote: Only pussies repent for their crimes.

Jamie O (us) wrote: Classic WWII movie that is pretty true to what actually happened. Great cast.

Simon D (es) wrote: The jokes in this come very fast and plentiful, by the law of averages, some of them do make you chuckle but a lot of the cast are just annoying. It's alright for braindead entertainment though.