Nuremberg - Les nazis face à leurs crimes

Nuremberg - Les nazis face à leurs crimes


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Nuremberg - Les nazis face à leurs crimes torrent reviews

Modi M (gb) wrote: Old man made enemies, lost his precious life for a dumb hollow-head.

Fayfay S (gb) wrote: wow..what a movie..what a concept. love it still.

Drew M (de) wrote: A film based on an incredible true story about a women with two kids trying to survive and take care of her family by working in the mines and being sexually abused almost everyday at work. and not just her, but all the other women working there. Charlize Theron plays Josey Aimes who fights for her and other women's rights. She delivers an Outstanding Oscar worthy performance. I felt so sorry for these women who were just tortured and sad everyday. This story is interesting and totally keeps you interested. A total see film worth seeing. My grade=88%(B+)

Lisa J (br) wrote: Not very interesting.

Torion O (us) wrote: Pretty darn enjoyable, and surpasses the first.

Glenn C (ca) wrote: Audrey Rose was poorly received when it was first released. It came at a time when films like The Exorcist, The Omen and Carrie were dominating theatre screens. It was considered a poor clone back then but now time has served it well and 35 years later the film sets itself apart from the others. It's a much gentler film than the other ones but it maintains a creepy aura that offers a few decent chills. The story is about an 11 year old girl who suffers severe night terrors. Meanwhile a strange man (Anthony Hopkins) seems to be following the girl. He eventually comes forward claiming that the girl is in fact his own daughter reincarnated. The film explores a split personality as a tortured soul of a 5 year old girl overcomes an 11 year old through a series of violent night terrors. It seems that the little girl's moment of death is relived during sleep. The imagery is creepy and some scenes foreshadow that Japanese style made famous in Ringu and Grudge. A good portion of the film also takes place in a court room and I couldn't help but think this served as some kind of inspiration for The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. Hopkins is great and Susan Swift is affective as the tormented daughter. I'm glad I revisited Audrey Rose... when distanced from those other "possession" movies of the 70s, it's an engaging psychological thriller that stands up well with age.

Pavandeep S (de) wrote: The duality in this film is really bizarre, almost abstract. Looking at the two brothers, the husband and wife, the island and the main land, even the sea and the pond. It really tries to encapsulate the japanese life in these capsule almost. Two things intrigued me. The brothers is one, they look very alike and even when one died, I thought that it seemed he was alive when it was actually the other brother. Another is this ability to rupture to display a thematic belief, like the slap and the crying and even the actions. It is calm and observational a lot of the time but when it ruptures, it is more than drama.

James H (ru) wrote: Surprisingly racy for the time. Erich Von Stroheim's directorial debut is a good one. He does excellent. Well acted and an interesting story.

Tu L (mx) wrote: This movie is good. Very good. It gives me more respect to villians like, "The Joker" from batman.