Nutty But Nice

Nutty But Nice

The stooges are singing waiters who are enlisted by a doctor to try and cheer up a little girl. It seems that the girl's father is a banker who was kidnapped with $300,000 worth of bonds. Failing to cheer up the girl, the stooges go out looking for the father and by a series of coincidences wind up in the bad guys hideout. The villains return and after a wild fight the boys free the missing man.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:18 minutes
  • Release:1940
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:waiter,   farce,   slapstick,  

Three bumbling waiters try to help a clinically depressed little girl by locating her kidnapped father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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