Nyotai sanbashi

Nyotai sanbashi


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Nyotai sanbashi 1958 full movies, Nyotai sanbashi torrents movie

An exploration of Japan's prostitution underworld. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy P (fr) wrote: A Field in England is a compellingly psychedelic experience, that leaves an impression that's hard to shake off thanks to Wheatley's daring film-making experimentation.

Jon C (ag) wrote: Entertaining low-key time travel/romanceA recent book (Twee: The Gentle Revolution in Music, Books, Television, Fashion, and Film by Mark Strand) has announced the arrival of The Age of Twee. Twee, if I understand it, is a generational cultural movement like punk, but is more or less the opposite of punk, and to some extent a reaction against it. Where punk was cynical, gritty, defiant, aggressive, and disorderly, twee is sentimental, gentle, retiring, friendly, and innocent. If punk is a cold slice of leftover pepperoni pizza, twee is a fresh baked ginger cupcake with vanilla frosting.About Time seems an exemplar of The New Twee consciousness. This film set in contemporary Britain (Cornwall and London)is the story of Tim, the son of an eccentric family whose men have always had the ability to travel back through time, as his father (Bill Nighy) informs him on his 21st birthday. Understandably skeptical at first, Tim finds he actually can time travel, a talent he devotes mostly to trying, rather awkwardly, to manage his relationships with women, finally finding his true love in the form of an attractive though somewhat nerdy American girl, Mary (Rachel McAdams.)The story is what might be called a "soft" time travel film: the time travel is effected simply by willing it, with no technology involved, and works only going into the past and back to the present starting point, so there are no science-fiction-like visions of the future. The movie emphasizes relationships over physics, and though it's frankly sentimental, and I thought a little long for the material, the script is intelligent and the acting very good.I think About Time would appeal to those who want to see a film that interestingly combines romantic comedy and time travel fantasy, and who don't mind if it's a little, or more than a little, "twee." It may really be a three star film overall, but I'll add a fourth star for the film's exploration of some of the personal ethical implications of time travel, an issue which seems rarely considered in other time travel films I've seen. Advisory: ridiculously rated R for occasional language and a few explicit but fairly mild sex scenes. The Universal Blu-Ray disc is of very good quality; there is also a standard DVD available.

Simon R (de) wrote: Great animation on trolls but film was too long and drawn out

Don S (br) wrote: Extremely typical slasher/serial killer movie. Same basic plot as Shrooms, minus the supernatural element. This time it is religious zealots instead. Sub-par acting for the most part, though I did like the silent attraction between Duff and Merriman. Seemed more like a PG-13 pseudo-horror movie than an R. Not much in the blood and gore department, and zero nudity (a rarity in this type of film). Really only a 2.5 star movie, but since I think Duff is quite hot, I bumped it up to 3...

freya g (au) wrote: really good fun film that brings the fairy tale up to date

Oscar H (gb) wrote: Inte p ngot stt smre n de flesta klassikerbetraktade slasherfilmerna frn 1970- och 80-talet. Visst, filmen lnar mycket frn framfr allt Halloween och The Prowler, men vem r mrdaren-mysteriet r vlgjort och hller betraktaren intresserad. Filmen r ven kraftigt influerad av Scream-filmerna i stil, plot och tempo, men ven helt uppenbart av Halloween H20 och I Know What You Did Last Summer. Innehller dessutom musik av Matrix-kompositren Don Davis!

Don S (us) wrote: Watching this classic comedy again

Bill B (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed the usual mixture of science-y nonsense that Michael Crichton is known for here, as well as really average everyman Albert Finney as our lead trying to save the young hottie Susan Dey from a larger conspiracy.Fun stuff, worth killing an afternoon with.

Renee D (us) wrote: I like it. I think he acts pretty well in this one. Depth or something.

Natalie B (it) wrote: Too formulaic, not enough dancing to make up for it.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 91%Watched this on 25/3/15Hotel Rwanda is a well made film about a holocaust in the recent times in world history. It has the tension, devotion to the characters and a terrific performance from Don Cheadle. It feels more or less like Schindler's list and the film doesn't even have a single bad moment.

Austin M (fr) wrote: 4.5 stars. This film was a lot different than what I was expecting, and some things in the beginning were a little confusing, but everything came full circle by the end. The humor, violence, and just decisions characters made really surprised me. I can see why this film is loved so much now because it definitely is something else.

Scott C (de) wrote: Feels like a confused mix between a thriller and a horror film. Has an incredibly weak ending. All that said, there are a few effective creepy moments.

Raymond C (ru) wrote: I think that even though it has some weak points this is a Great Movie! The glaringly weak parts come towards the end of the movie.

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