• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Nzinga 2007 full movies, Nzinga torrents movie

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Nzinga torrent reviews

James L (kr) wrote: The chess aspects of the documentary I found interesting, everything else not so much.

Georgios L (ca) wrote: I wanted to like this and it has a certain Kusturica feel to it. Unfortunately the plot is really convoluted and toward the end I lost interest completely. There are a lot of interesting ideas that are just left hanging without any development . Genuinely funny moments are rare and the atmosphere is not really believable. I expected more.

Christopher S (ru) wrote: Fascinating documentary examines the extraordinary career and unique personality of maverick publisher Barney Rosset. Well-crafted with insightful interviews and an eclectic assortment of video footage, photographs, and music. Definitely worth seeking out.

Slimeball (br) wrote: ya'll don't know what your talking about.....that part with T-bird, Hard_on cologne...way too funny

Paul G (jp) wrote: One of the greatest cinematic superhero spoofs ever made. The mood and tone are hilariously understated, with knockout performances by the entire ensemble cast. It turns the genre upside-down in an amazingly straightforward way.

Boris M (ag) wrote: PHILO BEDOE FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Private U (br) wrote: Has me in stitches every time!

Patryk C (nl) wrote: Too slow and too uneventful to offer anything truly appealing. Overly cliched, with humdrum performances by most of the actors (maybe except the always-socially-awkawrd-but-still-funny Jesse Eisenberg). A story - inspired by true events - about a group of Jews smuggling drugs to America sounds promising on paper, but with major flaws in the direction department it lacks the verve. Worth one watch, but don't expect to remember the whole intrigue a year later.

Matthew A (nl) wrote: An entertaining movie to the least with unclear rules