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O Candidato Honesto

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Ratish K (fr) wrote: good performances, slow at few places but still a good watch!

Raai W (ru) wrote: I honestly adore this movie. Very few horror movies have me jumping and squirming in my seat. It is very slow to start, but once it does, it is unforgiving.

Peter C (it) wrote: Purity, Love, Sadness

William C (gb) wrote: Grade:Higher 5/10Wild Target is a British action comedy that although may have a funstory, does lack the jokes needed for this to be OK. I found it lackeda few things although not everything and I did enjoy the actual plot,along with some competent acting from people maybe unfamiliar with therole. In the end it is a good old bit of fun and adventure and the filmdoes start to take you everywhere, I felt it was safely average thoughand here below is why so.The story is not too thrilling in my opinion, maybe for some but I didfeel it tried at times to get the joke out more than the good thrills.The humour lacks all the way through and although bits here and theremay make you chuckle or raise a smile, there aren't enough to say it isOK and there not good enough anyway. I quite enjoyed the ending of thefilm, of course I won't ruin it here but it is more interesting thansome other parts of the film and you may feel just a little somethingfor the characters.Bill Nighy is good as Victor Maynard the assassin and although he maybedoesn't get the jokes out the right way, is still a steady force in thefilm acting wise. The most surprising performance from this film waswith Rupert Grint, he actually acts very well I felt for his type ofrole and truly for me, throws off the Harry Potter cloak that isobviously his biggest role to date. Disliked Emily Blunt, she wasn'tbad just a little too unfunny and her character reinforces thatannoyance as well, rest of supporting cast are brimming with talentsuch as Martin Freeman, Rupert Everett and Eileen Atkins, all chippingin.It isn't really directed or written well and could be the main bad partabout this movie and what really drags it downwards. The jokes justaren't there and not too funny at all and even when you feel a momentwill be funny, the direction used seems to squander all opportunities.I actually really quite liked the settings seen throughout, like Londonand all it has to offer but also we see beautiful countryside sceneryat one point and may leave you liking the background more than what'sgoing on.It isn't all bad to say my review seems very negative so far, it hasthe jokes it truly does and as previously mentioned, it can give you aslight smile or chuckle. It has good action scenes too and when theaction is involved it really does take the film up a notch and makes itmore entertaining, even if it just isn't that funny that much.If you like action comedies then this isn't the best one to see butstill could be worth a watch, I think and did feel whilst watching thatthe humour may appeal to some people and so it possibly can be morefunny for some. If your looking for smart plot and dialogue then avoidthis, not too smart and the whole real premise of the film is ruinedwithin the first 20 minutes I would have to say, although many othersdo it too.Overall I give it a higher 7/10, it is Safely Average, not quite a poor film orlower, but still not good at all and would have needed much more workdone to make it better. It's a short watch I guess and so it's not themost boring, I wasn't left bored at any point as the story is mildlyinteresting for the most part, but the jokes lack and the charactersfade away a bit, but I can't help feel I want to see more of some ofthem.

Pablo E (ca) wrote: En Balibo tenemos un verdadero ejemplo de periodismo, una profesin que hoy en da est muy mal evaluada principalmente por la poca rigurosidad en su trabajo. Este film Australiano cuenta la historia de 5 periodistas del mismo pas que fueron a cubrir la crisis de Timor Oriental, exponiendo sus vidas por cubrir una noticia. Muy buenas actuaciones de Oscar Isaac y Anthony LaPaglia. Recomendable, en especial a los periodistas.

Rachel W (fr) wrote: I think this is a very hard movie to watch if you did not read the book. It is such a disturbing story--teenage girl is sent to live with her strict father in Texas.

Donald T (it) wrote: I really didn't expect to actually like this film, nor what to expect. It turns out it's downright funny, absurd, highly satirical, and downright SEXY. Make no mistake, though, this is pornography, not just slightly, but highly stylized porn. The great thing about it is that it doesn't pretend to be anything more than what it is. Highly recommended to my gay buddies, who may need to watch an entertaining dirty film, as opposed to just a stupid one. You may never look at a Che Guevera shirt the same way.

Jocey D (ru) wrote: It is a powerful and majestic epic tale of war, power and love.

Dathan R (br) wrote: my God, this movie is horrible. Not only does it have a really stupid villain, not only are all the characters 2dimensional, not only is it cliqued beyond compare, but it is SO boring! it can't even be so bad its good, it is so boring! Only William Shatner is bearable in this movie because he is the only one willing to try to actually act, and even then he only has 7 minutes of screen time as emotional support for the main character.

Thomas P (nl) wrote: Not as gross as the remake. But can be scary at points. Nothing special.

Harry W (es) wrote: Billy Jack caught my eye as being "the most unusual box office success of all time", so I figured why not.Billy Jack sets up to be interesting because it has a really well constructed into, using a lot of beautiful scenery and footage of horses running as the beautiful Jinx Dawson cover of the song "One Tin Soldier" plays which sets up the atmosphere for the time of the film and feel or how the story will movie.And Billy Jack is an interesting film, because it's the first film I have scene which deals with how Native American figures are treated in the timeframe of counterculture society. And its protagonist, the titular Billy Jack, is a contemporary cowboy who fights for the equal rights of Native Americans, Caucasians and hippies. And it's rather ironic because the film's message of peace gets mixed up with all of its violence and so it poses the audience a question of just where the line is.While Billy Jack has an interesting start, it soon dissolves into a simply extended period of talking which goes on for very long and loses it's interesting qualities very fast. It then becomes an extended period of waiting as the film explores basic characters who all play small roles in the story and other random themes which aren't essential to the story or for helping it develop. It goes on for more than a solid hour, which is more than half the film. So more than half of Billy Jack is boring and cheap storywriting which doesn't even focus enough on the titular hero to characterise him all that well.And while the visual quality of Bily Jack is great, the audio quality is weak. The voices of the actors needs to be fixed because it's too quiet and fuzzy to be that enjoyable and distracts from the pleasure of the film.Honestly, many of the flaws in Billy Jack remind me of the many flaws I found in a film of my own, my first feature length project. While the intro is shot well and its a determined efforts from Tom Laughlin for writing, directing and starring in it, the pacing is excessively slow and the film is a bit too long for its own good. While Tom Laughlin succeeds giving Billy Jack stylish direction and a good lead performance, he just doesn't really tell the story as best he could or give it an appropriate amount of stimulation between the effective beginning and ending of the film. Billy Jack is a hero, but I just wish the film spent more time telling us that. So although Billy Jack has good intentions, a good cast and a memorable soundtrack, the film has an extensively dull middle section which drags the viewing experience into territory which is nothing short of boring.

Oaks B (br) wrote: What an irritating, self-indulgent and incoherent mess! Robert Altman's first film following his breakthrough "Mash" is the odd rarity of a film where you despise the director yet admire his gall for following through with the execution of such a grandiosely bad idea. The sensibility of "Brewster McCloud" could be likened to that of a '60s cartoon - heavy on goofball whimsy, lowbrow stabs at humor and utter lack of anything resembling rhyme, reason or depth. Lots of bell-bottoms, though. Characters are likened to birds via an obvious, unrelenting and increasingly annoying structural device where a "bird expert" describes habits of wild birds as a voiceover to newly introduced characters who, gee golly, act just like the bird he's describing. This "bird expert" progressively behaves more and more birdlike as the film goes on, squawking and eating birdseed off of his chalkboad runner. Yes, it is as annoying and retarded as it sounds.The main plot follows Sally Kellerman as some sort of angel or something (never explained; stupid idea) that follows the title character (Bud Cort) around, apparently "strangles" people who bother him and then somehow covers them with birdshit. Maybe because she's really a bird! At one point we see her also squawking and making birdnoises and at another we see her baring her bosoms in a fountain and winking at the camera (one of two "Mash" references, the other being a "Mash" movie poster hung on the walls of one character's apartment, cue groan). Kellerman is charming, but even she looks a little lost in this nonsensical hodgepodge. Shelley Duvall is notably adorable in her debut role here as a wispy girl that beds Brewster, but the introduction of her character via his attempt to steal her car results in some painfully long-winded slapstick carchase scenes that surely took direct inspiration from crappy TV shows about hillbillies, and then there's all the policemen chasing Brewster, whose scenes clearly take inspiration from crappy TV shows about cops and whose characters are steeped in broad, dumb cop stereotypes. To mistake any of this for postmodernism would be giving this wretched film far too much credit, beware.Also to be noted is the surprising amount of racist jokes and slurs this film contains - all spouted from the mouths of the "bad guys" who end up dead and covered in birdshit, of course. And then there's the girl who has a crush on Brewster and spontaneously begins masturbating under a blanket while he does chin-ups in a scene that perversely seems played for laughs. Robert Altman, whatta charmer.Brewster's motivation through all this muck, as though we're supposed to care, is apparently to "fly away" with mechanical wings he is making. Fly where? Why? These questions are never answered, nor are they even touched upon, though we do get to hear the word "nigger" about twenty times throughout the film. Priorities, priorities. "Brewster McCloud" inevitably ends on a trite, sour note before a full circus (!) comes in to parade around and shout out the closing credits via megaphone. One has to wonder if the success of "Mash" caused Altman's ego to bloat to a dangerous extreme: "Brewster McCloud," with its hackneyed pseudo-bombast and painfully botched attempts at symbolism, reeks of an asshole's hubris. It is figuratively and literally, full of shit.

Randy T (nl) wrote: A naive factory worker falls for a traveling piano player after a one night stand, only to have her heart broken when she travels to Prague and discovers that the loser still lives with his parents.Years before Milos Forman directed one of the best films ever made, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest he directed this little gem. Lsky Jedn Plavovlsky may be set in Czechoslovakia but it has universal appeal. Most of us can relate to the powerful attraction of a first love, or the oppression of an overbearing mother, or the heartache of finding out that someone you love doesn't love you back. Not Forman's best work, but still pertinent and charming.