O Capitão Bandeira Contra o Dr. Moura Brasil

O Capitão Bandeira Contra o Dr. Moura Brasil

Successful manager is haunted by a sinister character who enters his dreams, Dr. Moura Brasil.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Successful manager is haunted by a sinister character who enters his dreams, Dr. Moura Brasil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


O Capitão Bandeira Contra o Dr. Moura Brasil torrent reviews

Susanna M (de) wrote: Overall, not too bad. Storyline could've been "tightened". Nia Long's acting could've been better.

David S (fr) wrote: Lo que esperarias de la nueva historia caotica aunque siempre romntica de Julio Medem! ahora el tema de la infidelidad sugerida, el amor prohibido, lesbianismo, un cuarto, una baera y Roma!Por primera vez el personaje opuesto no hace referencia a los ojos 'bicolor' de Elena Anaya ! estuvo interesante verla ![y aunqeu suene muy retrograda sigo pensando que es ms sexy 2 mujeres baandose que 2 dudes por ms QueerAsFolk que los pongan ]

Yoo S (mx) wrote: This is good story and many good actors are there.Actually, I have read just some episodes of the original comic, but I think the atmosphere of this movie is not different from the original.But I was bothered there were too many comedians as actors in this movie, especially "Yoshimoto" comedians.

Dijana D (mx) wrote: Nah, it didn't accomplish to get my attention from the start... somewhat interesting story but I think it could've been better

Sarah E (it) wrote: I found it easy to overlook mediocre acting by the girl and Barnaby by just watching Gael Garcia do his thing. The twist is wicked. I love surprise endings, keeps me on my toes.

Film C (fr) wrote: When a movie is so bad but so good. Much like the cat in the hat, I'm entertained throughout. If you go in expecting nothing then yiu may be pleasantly surprised.

David E (ru) wrote: Kids these days, I tell ya. Director Larry Clark was bold enough to explore how kids (mostly teenagers) were being irresponsible, uncaring, & quite out of control. Except for technology, fashion trends, & music, nothing much has changed in the 18+ years since this film's release in terms of sex, drugs, & STDs. Fair acting with explicit detail, unique scenery of mid-90s NYC, down-to-earth story, a unique, catchy soundtrack, & brave/daring direction by Clark makes "Kids" give older adults of how the future generation might lead themselves to. Different times, same issues - all a sad state of affairs that is reality, even for poor Jenny.

Martin Y (jp) wrote: Saw this on TV over Christmas, and so wish I hadn't bothered. A potentially really interesting story spoiled by really bad acting (think of any English actor who's turned up in adverts and mini series and they're in it), flat direction and a very overlong running time...a real shame and a real stinker!

Alex S (ag) wrote: Dark gory horror, strange supernatural zombie film, I recommend!

David L (mx) wrote: Worst Jackie Chan movie I've ever seen, yet it's supposed to be one of his best examples of Kung-Fu?! Ok, so the martial arts are fast paced and impressive at first glance but it's all too obviously staged to make Chan look super human. One look at his aggressors and their attacking moves are nothing short of comical and pathetic. There's a vague plot surrounding clan leaders all attempting to get their hands on a secret book which Chan holds, a book that details how to master the art of the powerful 'Snake & Crane' martial arts technique, which will ultimately make them the most powerful clan in the land. As the battles keep coming, and heads start to roll, the fighters soon start to realise that rather than pit themselves against one another, they should be teaming up to destroy the clan that murdered the 8 creators of the Snake & Crane book in the first place. It's not pitted as a comedy, but should be in my eyes as some of the dubbing is horrendous and unnecessarily high pitched. There's no change in tempo, no variation, no real excitement, and ultimately not enough to make it worthwhile watching. There's a lot of hand and leg waving, and lots of Chinese "hi-yaaaaa's", but sometimes it's just all too quick and a struggle to understand what exactly is going on. When this goes on for the full duration, it's a major problem!!!

Aaron G (ag) wrote: Maybe I'm dumb, but I was bored from beginning to end and immediately forgot this movie after it was over.

Kim B (nl) wrote: I thought it was good but it was hard to identify with any of the selfish immature characters. They all seemed very much self-involved and into rendezvousing with whoever they pleased at other people's expense. There was maybe only one deep conversation the whole film, otherwise most of the film was a cat and mouse game involving love trysts. It was dramatic and in the end even with the last scene I didn't leave you with much, just how careless they all were. Apparently the point of the movie was to ridicule upper-class people, as you can see with that ghastly hunting scene. Nevertheless its hard to like a movie with such fake characters, intended or not. Some of this also might be hard for me to relate to at least (like having mistresses) since it was set so long ago and I've never really been around people like this who have way too much money and time on their hands. I prefer other classics that are more relatable. Shame the one actress killed herself, you could tell she had a lot of talent and could connect well with camera.

Ricky G (it) wrote: If you enjoy True Blood, Hemlock Grove, Westerns, and 80's effects then this movie is for you. Lucas Till can act I liked him since X-Men First Class and he carries the movie along with him. Jason Momoa has become one of my favorite underground actors thanks to Game Of Thrones and seeing him as the bad*** bad guy werewolf was so cool. Like I said the effects are oldish and I think that's what they were going for. The story itself is not a bad one revolving a pure breed werewolf looking for his birth parents in a small torn that is scared of the big bad wolf (Momoa) it's good to see people bring up original ideas for movies but this one suffers from cliches and it dragging on in parts (including the ending fight) now saying that the ending was really cool and fun and I had a good time watching it. This is a watch it again movie for sure!

Ian C (jp) wrote: Eddie Griffin and Dorff are both the balls but are let down by a shit script and low budget. A stoner, vigilante superhero. It really had the potential to be great. It only gets going and it then ends and even at that he does fuck all in that final showdown.

John B (au) wrote: Interesting Historical movie telling of the Pearl Harbour story from both the American & Japanese viewpoint during WWII

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