O chyom eshchyo govoryat muzhchiny

O chyom eshchyo govoryat muzhchiny

Four friends are forced to stay put in a radio station on New Year's Eve after one of them gets into trouble. They use the opportunity to remember memories from the past, talk about women, ...

A year later the men are still talking, but this time on the 31st of December and still about the women, football, children, and, of course, about the approaching New Year’s celebration. But what can they do, if their beloved wives and girls are waiting for them at Kamil’s, busy with New Year tree decoration and cooking, and the husbands are accidentally got stuck in the advertising agency office? Will they manage to get home in time to celebrate the New Year together? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily B (nl) wrote: I am now going to learn how to make bread.

Stephen S (gb) wrote: I loved the '95-'99 Gamera trilogy. This film has some polish to it and looks good, but ultimately it has no heart or purpose. It looks as though they tried really really hard to infuse this film with child wonderment and emotion... but I found it to be a flat uneventful over self-aware ride.

Frank I (ru) wrote: If you're in the mood for what it is, it does it well.

aSHa K (br) wrote: tyP!caL koreaN moVie- wherein, the other one dieD because of an incuraBLe diSease...:(

Bryce L (de) wrote: Pretty interesting plot for the third movie abut kind of moved too slow in comparison to the first and second movie in this series. Acting was pretty good, but there were definitely some places that could have been more dramatized. 7/10

Shane J (ru) wrote: It's dumb but I loved it at the time of release

Ryan K (nl) wrote: blah mediocre action movie

Sarah B (ru) wrote: Simply amazing. Funny, dark, innocent, violent, bizarre, sweet, surprising, shocking. Indescribable. A tour de force performance debut from Paddy Considine is the highlight of the film. Simply stunning.

Van R (kr) wrote: "Rocky Mountain" was Errol Flynn's last western at Warner Brothers. This stalwart little 83-minute oater occurs against the backdrop of the American Civil War with Captain Lafe Barstow (Errol Flynn of "Virgina City") and a squad of Confederate soldiers riding into California to rendezvous with Southern sympathizers. While they are waiting for the man they were told would show up, they spot a stagecoach underattack. Our heroes rescue Johanna Carterr (Patrice Wymore), but they discover to their chagrin that she is engaged to a Union officer at a nearby encampment. Our heroes are not able to complete their mission so they stick around on Rocky Mountain and later decide to help wipe out the Indians. The western convention that the U.S. Cavalry always rides to the rescue at the last moment doesn't happen here. The Southerners die fighting the Indians and the grateful Union officer holds a memorial for them. "G-Men" director William Keighley concluded his career with this feisty little western and "Rocky Mountain" is a good western, unlike the previous Flynn vehicle "Montana." Errol looks pretty tough in the opening scenes with a beard, but he shaves it off later so that he appears as he usually did with a mustache. Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams co-stars with Flynn as he did in both "Dodge City" and "Virginia City," and Slim Pickins made his cinematic debut as a Confederate scout. Sadly, "Rocky Mountain" was lensed in black & white, but the rugged mountain scenery is simply spectacular. Flynn doesn't romance the girl in this horse opera, but in real life he married Patrice Wymore and she was his third and final wife.

Jared A (us) wrote: It's honestly a quite mesmerizing flick. Adventurous in nature, beautiful scenery, and fine acting performances overcome so-so screenplay that only occasionally hits the right mark.

Jesse F (de) wrote: It's not as good as I hoped for but it's still funny thanks to the two leads.

Richard G (nl) wrote: Corman and Price together in the horror Genre is a dream come true,its a really creepy poe adaptation with vincent price as a man whose dead wife won't give him any peace or is it necrophilic madness? Deffinetly one to watch for Poe enthusiasts.