O Convite ao Prazer

O Convite ao Prazer

Two friends discuss their love adventures, and the emptiness ensuing each new conquest.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Portuguese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,   sex,  

Two friends discuss their love adventures, and the emptiness ensuing each new conquest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


O Convite ao Prazer torrent reviews

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: If the budget listed on IMDB is correct, <$10,000 U.S., this movie is a minor miracle. There are many many things wrong with it. It is written as if by a Norwegian who doesn't speak natural English, which is probably the case. I'm unsure why this wasn't just made in Norwegian. Only the main actors are any good, and the "Police" are just ridiculously inept. However, the special effects, the filming itself, and the main premise are quite good and or interesting. It's more like a very good student film on a dimestring than a real movie, but I don't feel like I wasted my time watching.

Nicola D (gb) wrote: this set is wonderful, but I think the movie has an unexpressed potential which remains hidden, and I rly dont understand why. Cillian Murphy sometimes even scared me, but then I understood the movie was actually about Emma, and I started to support this side of the character's personality. I was rly impressed by Murphy's feminine side, tho, like he can play an androgyne character amazingly.

John R (au) wrote: The 50 First Date connections make it a great comedy. The ending is weak but the movie is strong until pretty much the ending.

Sebastin S (ru) wrote: Everything is perfect except the name of Roarke of Mephisto

Xinrui C (ag) wrote: Strange Circus teeters between moments of shock and insanity. The film's subject matter and themes in themselves make for a dark, lurid atmosphere, but Sion Sono knows when to push it and when to step back. Though the unraveling of the story at the conclusion was a bit too literal, frenzied and over-the-top for my taste, Strange Circus holds it together with a great acting cast that makes even the most exploitative points of the movie compelling and believable. There is a carnival metaphor that stretches throughout the movie that I thought was unnecessary, but other than that this movie had me glued to the screen; I was never was bored. Definitely recommend.

Tim G (it) wrote: An interesting assessment of The Germs saga, but not necessarily what really happened. Fans will most likely be disappointed in the film, but the performances of the actors cast are convincing enough to give the movie at least a slight amount of success. Whatever the screenplay lacks, Shane West more than makes up for in sheer personality. Plus, the music is killer.

Mitts 2 (ag) wrote: Let's see... incredibly graphic, incredibly disturbing and yet the audience can sympathize. This isn't your typical revenge flick where the woman hunts down the men years later and kills them. This woman is tormented until she sees no other way out than to murder her agressors. You do not feel sorry for her rapists, but you do wonder whether Chihiro has crossed the line between sanity and insanity. Interesting flick with an interesting ending. Not for innocent eyes to watch!

Terri H (es) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Loads of costumer details, wartime battles, and a bit of Chinese history combine to make for an interesting couple of hours as the King of Qin ignominiously struggles to unite a divided China dead set against any grand uniting schemes or dreams (imagine as if Napolean tried uniting Europe, w/o all that annoying English spoiling interference!). Along the way there's spikes in the action, time for some fingerpointing drama, Dallas/Dynasty style, but not so much so as you lose track of the mostly unknown to the West story.

Joshua L (au) wrote: All evil dead fans or comedy gore fans track this gem down

Sean G (it) wrote: Tarantino is the only reason to see this movie. It was all "middle" and no end.

javier l (mx) wrote: ive rented this movie for my brother and ive got treated like crap but it made me felt like a little kiid smh

Tom H (br) wrote: Decent Western with Errol Flynn. Great ending.

D M (jp) wrote: Robert Mitchum, after making a new life for himself comes clean about his past to his new love. The story is told is in a series of flashbacks. Mitchum is a P.I., hired by big-time bookie Kirk Douglas to find the bookie's girlfriend who has absconded to Mexico with a bunch of cash. Upon locating her, the detective and bookie's ex fall in love. The pair hide for years from the big bad bookie in SanFran, but are spotted at a horse track. The story gets much more convoluted after this point, with quick, clever banter, double-dealing, and subterfuge, but is one of the better I've watched thus far for #noirvember.

Karsh D (br) wrote: Whilst obviously at the time this was pure propaganda it still is a truly marvellous film to watch. Small english country town over run by disguised Germans and the town fights back - brilliant!

Tanya C (ca) wrote: ur classic chick flick :P

Svein S (mx) wrote: Fin se p (som betyr at resten var drgende uoriginalt og kjedelig)!

Kace C (mx) wrote: Reality Bites [1994] It's not a good film, but I'm in love with Lelaina and Troy :) 5/10