O Corpo

O Corpo

Xavier, a pharmacist, lives peacefully in bigamy with his two women, Carmen and Beatriz, but the harmony breaks down when they find he has another lover, Monique, a nightclub dancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna L (gb) wrote: What a horrible movie. The only thing good about it are the posters. It was like they were making fun of making movies. I can't believe how this movie was horrible. lol

Rick O (es) wrote: I stopped watching this about 10 minutes in it was so terrible.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Makes you watch the night skies--Overall great close encounter film!!

Donovan L (jp) wrote: Great movie. Too bad Odenkirks last two movies got horrible reviews (I'm scared to watch them). I need to watch this again . I might have to return with a higher rating.

John L (us) wrote: Yo, am i the only one who doesn't think this movie is Scary at all?! And it totally rips off other horror movies like Scream and shit like that.

Kenneth N (ag) wrote: This movie is just silly. The entire cast is very entertaining and overall its pure fun!

Brett B (us) wrote: Not really a good movie, but it is, without a doubt, the weirdest, creepiest, most disturbing kids film ever made. This movie defies a simple plot synopsis, but suffice it to say the film contains ghosts, magical paint brushes (and paintings), an evil kidnap-prone artist, and plenty of bizarre imagery. Crazy stuff.

juan mario a (it) wrote: one of the best cop movies ever

Lotti K (ru) wrote: A true sexploitation classic of trashy fun. The performances & script are way better than they have any right to be.

Rick Q (mx) wrote: "foreign correspondent" is far from hitchcock's best work, but the film keeps you engaged all through out, with many of the legendary director's fantastic tricks and one of the best performances from joel mccrea's career.

Austin A (ag) wrote: Good movie. Shot very well. Average acting. Ok story. Ending was bad.

Samuel H (de) wrote: Samuel L Jackson is on a plane with snakes, what more do you need to know?

David C (ag) wrote: What a load bible belt bull shit.

Freeman M (de) wrote: Sentimental, but effective.