O Descarte

O Descarte

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Mateo R (ag) wrote: "Pelotero" es fenomenal. Es sobre dos peloteros de la RD. Son atletico y trabajadores tambien. Uno es mentiroso.

Becky T (it) wrote: One of my favorite cheesy Christmas movies

Keira R (us) wrote: I liked the film. I'm always a little skeptical about these indie films, but I remember Melissa Leo getting a lot of accolades and she was truly worthy of them. The movie was surprisingly interesting -- dealing with a Native American woman who in her "spare" time, smuggled people illegally from the Canadian border and thru the reservation. Great performance by Melissa Leo and Misty Upham (may she rest in peace) was OK as well. Very real, gritty at times and also sad at times.

Reid L (br) wrote: As far a documentaries go, this one is decent. But I think it is the case that the subject matter outshines the actual film, if that makes sense. I doubt most younger people know Barry Goldwater. However, he is a very important political figure. He was a through and through conservative - NOT the kind of conservative Reagan was or 95% of today's Republicans are. This film does a good job of showing how sometimes conservatism will lead you to seemingly crazy stances, while other times it is incredibly desirable. I hope more people will look into Goldwater, his beliefs, and how he conducted himself as a politician.

Daniel20 S (us) wrote: 82 mins long and has time for a montage sequence.absolutely sublime

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Entertaining movie about an absurd conspiracy for US invasion by means of a tunnel system under the Pacific Ocean--A fun piece of 60's sci-fi action camp!!

Tiago G (gb) wrote: It's really hard to critic films of this magnitude, mainly when time left it decades ago and the criteria to evaluate it as changed so much. Minding that, the Hitchcock masterpiece is a classic that refined the genre itself and influenced uncountable movies ranging from horror, thriller and crime with a touch of suspence that only Hitchcock understands.

Dailiesel M (it) wrote: bad bad films this is so suck stay home actor and director this is so bad movie

Peter K (ag) wrote: An innovative film that inspires us to notice what big corporations are doing to our food.

Bill B (es) wrote: More of the same, and it's still watchable but increasingly ridiculous as far as believability goes. Worth a look for fans of the series, but seriously, if you aren't familiar with ALL of what has gone before, I can't imagine considering watching any of these later films.Rental.

Josh M (gb) wrote: If you haven't seen this movie, you need to.