O Diabo Mora No Sangue

O Diabo Mora No Sangue


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O Diabo Mora No Sangue torrent reviews

Phil L (fr) wrote: Better than Book of Shadows, but just can't seem to muster up the claustrophobia of the original.

Andr D (au) wrote: "Soul Food" es a la vez un tributo a la familia y a la comida, que gracias a una solida direccion y a unas buenas actuaciones, logra ir mas alla del melodrama indigesto y nos ofrece un muy buen rato sin caer en cliches y sentimentalismos baratos.

Christine R (au) wrote: one of my favourite movies ...

Glenn G (mx) wrote: A masterpiece of the modern wuxia genre! Fun and serious in spots, quite a different film from King Hu's earlier Dragon Inn.Why can't Tsui Hark make movies like this anymore? (though Seven Swords was not horrible, I guess).

Rob N (nl) wrote: Taking place in the Mexican Revolution, this story involves a lot of conflict and an intriguing love triangle.

Rob C (nl) wrote: Sick, twisted, daring. Certainly not for the feint of heart. I came across this trying to shock myself, it was fun and jaw-dropping at times, but not so shocking to me. Still, I would recommend to a fan of the genre, or at least to people I didn't like. :)

Leesa M (ca) wrote: I don't agree with the vegetarian lifestyle and I definitely don't agree with a movie that says it's about health, but tricks you into watching a vegetarian inspired flick.

Gordon B (jp) wrote: It's a spunky car chase film that works because neither the cops nor the outlaws they're chasing seem very comfortable with being violent