O Dono da Bola

O Dono da Bola

Young man participates in TV contests to help the girl he loves using the money he expects to win.

Young man participates in TV contests to help the girl he loves using the money he expects to win. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (au) wrote: A somewhat interesting documentary on fracking. Pretty much polar opposite of Gasland. A reminder that there are those that are hurt on each side of the fence.

Simon J (ru) wrote: Average film, excessive tapout product placement.

Ri A (fr) wrote: Yes! I haven't seen it yet just found this movie on youtube & I am too curious to see it but don't know that where can i find the DVD :(

Mirah W (mx) wrote: This movie was too slow...I understand it's meant to reflect the slow lives the women feel they have, but there was barely enough happening to keep me interested. The acting was great and it had moments of brilliance, but I felt there could have been more done in less time that would have gotten across the same message.

Kimberly M (ca) wrote: not bad, kinda funny

r r (au) wrote: Demonstrates some of his action choreography. Wish it was in more documentary detail though.

Ranjit N (gb) wrote: satya traces the story of an individual who comes to mumbai, looking for a job. how he gets involved with the underworld forms the crux of the movie. ram gopal varma proves yet again that he can handle any genre with ease. manoj bajpai gives a stellar performance, portraying the character "bhikku mathre".

Steven M (es) wrote: while Shock Treatment isn't as good as the Rocky Horror Show or The Rocky horror Picture Show Shock Treatment is still a pretty decent movie the songs "Shock Treatment" And "Bitchin' In the Kitchen" are my favorites. It is a shame Tim Curry Didn't Appear in it but it did have Patricia Quinn, Little Nell (Nell Campbell) and of Course Richard O'Brien. The Plot is a little weak and some of the songs sound the same due to the fact most of them have a similar background sound it is still a good movie and it is a different from the first movie even though it is loosely based off it. it is still worth seeing and one of the best underrated movies of all time.

Sanity Assassin (it) wrote: starts off poorly and gets better as it goes along. rather than a thriller it's more of a romance

Caitlin L (es) wrote: Love this movie. Great casting on everyone. Surprised by Cher.

Alejandro A (fr) wrote: From my POV The funniest of them all; the part they dream about Europe is priceless