O, en så'n natt!

O, en så'n natt!

Wholesaler Berggren's daughter Elin travels to Örebro to spend her honeymoon with her husband Efraim. They get separate rooms on the hotel and later that night she finds another woman in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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O, en så'n natt! torrent reviews

Julie C (nl) wrote: Wow, this was one weird crazy movie. It's everything a horror should be, IMO. Scares, suspense, twists, some gore, and a hot girl. Really liked it.

Khasseli K (br) wrote: good movie,cute actress with a good song^^

Elia M (au) wrote: Absolutely fantastic. Such a beautiful movie. And Olaf is adorable!

Courtney K (ca) wrote: haha, this was weird. it almost seemed like it was supposed to be a spoof because of ALL the big name actors (who maybe weren't big names at the time) who are in it... it's also fairly light hearted with the whole comic book format... i'm curious what it would be like to watch this movie when it came out.

Eric R (jp) wrote: The Klansman takes place in Atoka County, Alabama right during the peak of the civil rights movement. Lee Marvin plays the Sheriff Track Bascomb a good man who is caught in the middle of a racial tension. The film escalates early on when a white woman is raped by a black man which turns the small town into a full out race war. Written by Samuel Fuller, this is a raw script script which essentially features O.J Simpson gunning down racists to avenge the death of his friend and Lee Marvin doing whatever it takes to keep the peace in the town. Richard Burton is also plays a resident of the town, who is one of the few whites who agrees with the civil rights movement and has many of the townsfolk view him with disdain. To be honest, this is not Burton's best work. The Klansman examines how a small town in Alabama deals with the oncoming civil rights movement which is moving from the big cities into the smaller towns across america.

NaWie M (ag) wrote: I dont think I have ever seen any Bollywood Comedy like this before. Every single bit of the Movie is funny. I laughed so hard.

Rick R (ru) wrote: Morocco (1930)I never was much of a fan of Marlene Dietrich. I loved her in "Blue Angel" (1930) where she portrayed truly a femme fatale that men fell hard for. But, once Joef von Sternberg brought her to the states, she always played these wildly exotic women who, like Garbo, always get involved in these romantic triangles, and always leaves the rich suitor to chase after the handsome poor one.This is the same for this movie, her first in the States. Cabaret singer, Amy Jolly (Dietrich) arrives in Morocco and bumps into Monsieur La Bessiere (Adolphe Menjou) who immediately falls in love with her. Bessiere is rich and knows all kinds of different people. However, he's a realist though and knows that Amy is a free spirit, who picks her own friends.Tom Brown (Gary Cooper) is in the French Foreign Legion. Although his uniform is kind of scruffy, it's got a lot of medals on it. However, Tom has got a fatal weakness for the ladies. Perhaps his cavalier attitude with women is what got him in the Foreign Legion to begin with, where nobody asks you about your past. Maybe it's because Tom's always marching off from here to there, that he only deals with local hookers, or at least women of very easy virtue.When Amy meets Tom in her club, the attraction is electric. And, although Tom plays it cool, he's as madly in love with Amy as she in him. He actually contemplates going AWOL and running away with Amy until he sees all of her other adoring fans and all of their flowers and champagne, and thinks better of it. It's better to stay with the girls you know, but surprisingly, Amy keeps showing up.

David J (br) wrote: Its visually fantastic, and a very original plot makes for a very fun experience. Voice acting is another plus.

Ethan M (fr) wrote: Too squeamish - had to exit the theater.

Andr D (us) wrote: Considerada un fracaso en 1964, "Marnie" es una pelcula de corte psicoanaltico acerca de una mujer que roba en oficinas (Tippi Hedren) y un joven millonario (Sean Connery) dispuesto a "curarla" o "domarla". "Marnie" ha envejecido bien y hoy se puede apreciar como uno de los trabajos ms oscuros y perversos de Alfred Hitchcock, con mucho material para discutir o para reflexionar.