O Escorpião Escarlate

O Escorpião Escarlate

O Anjo (The Angel) is a millionaire playboy who fights the forces of crime, especially his deadly enemy, the arch-villain Escorpião Escarlate (Scarlet Scorpion), who recently has kidnapped ...

O Anjo (The Angel) is a millionaire playboy who fights the forces of crime, especially his deadly enemy, the arch-villain Escorpião Escarlate (Scarlet Scorpion), who recently has kidnapped ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott S (br) wrote: What a messed up movie, total wasted of time.

Roxanne R (ca) wrote: WONDERFUL FILM! A gay couple (Everett and Miles) that has been together for seven/eight years and raising a son has lost their passion and romance. Miles takes their son Billy out of town to visit the grandparents and Everett remains at home. One day a traveling writer named Chase befriends Everett and a sweet romance takes place. The shot of the Redwoods was magnificent and this is the type of film that stands strong on its own- no need for a big budget, A-list celebs, ritzy settings, etc. A simple, down to earth movie that pulls at your heartstrings! Even better is that its available on Netflix instant streaming so I highly recommend this little gem. An ode to the powerful emotion and feeling we call LOVE.

Conrad T (it) wrote: This is a rather natural comedy. Not the kind of low class or tickle you to laughter.

Amanda W (ru) wrote: Different/Just OK/Not Bad/Kinda Liked...

Connor S (gb) wrote: While watching John Q, it brought back a lot of memories of Dog Day Afternoon. Both involve a hero that must do bad for someone he loves, the cops are called, the public worships them, and at the end, they get busted (spoilers). However, John Q is far, far worse. Denzel Washington and Robert Duvall are great actors, and they both give great performances. However, aside from them, the acting isn't that good. And the thing that truly makes this film bad is it's message and how it handles it. Now, let's look at something like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. That movie had a message, but it didn't just tell you, you had to figure that out. John Q, on the other hand, just blatantly says that doctors are evil, and blah blah blah. I really can't remember what the message was, it was that forgettable. Instead of watching this, I would recommend watching a movie with an actual message.

Mek Y (fr) wrote: Devastating movie that stays with you even after the film. Not the easiest film to watch but definitely, soul-crushingly worth it. Most especially if you're a fan of Bjork.

Matt E (ca) wrote: A film that shows people's day to day lives in short bursts and none of them seem to connect together until the tragic end. Beautiful to behold and also a bit confusing until you see the ending. I know I gave it a mediocore rating but that's only because that's what I thought of it the first time I saw it the more I watch it the higher the rating goes, fans of cinema in general should watch this movie.

Adam D (de) wrote: It's Herbie, 'nuff said :)

Adam C (us) wrote: I saw this movie when I was about 10 and absolutely loved the way it played with the vampire genre. I think this was the first time I ever saw a hero who wasn't completely paralyzed with fear at confronting a vampire, but rather saw it as an enemy to be neutralized.

Jenn M (it) wrote: Ummm, I was bored! And not scared! I thought the cassting might have been a bit off and thought that perhaps Dougray Scott was not the best choice, mostly because he doesn't look creepy or threatening. Now, if it was Chrstopher Walken, that would have made the movie better :P

Luca D (jp) wrote: La prima parte del film ha dei ritmi un po' troppo lenti a differenza della seconda dove la suspance sale e il film prende forma. Iconica la scena del rito orgiastico che insieme alla colonna sonora gli vale il voto e la sufficienza. Per il resto un Kubrick sotto tono.

TheSecond P (nl) wrote: loved it back in the day

Luc M (ca) wrote: True stories of comics, except that, as is always different, you can not watch a movie and think that it will be identical to the comics, you have to think it's a parallel universe. But agor leaving for the aspects of the film, I thought the Hulk, well done, I thought it has good special effects, the story is not told from the beginning, is told by say, flashbacks, is a movie you can watch quietly.