O Exorcismo Negro

O Exorcismo Negro

The director José Mojica Marins travels to spend Christmas with friends in the small farm where they live and write the story of his next film. However, he observes eerie things in the ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:occult,   insanity,   violence,  

The director José Mojica Marins travels to spend Christmas with friends in the small farm where they live and write the story of his next film. However, he observes eerie things in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


O Exorcismo Negro torrent reviews

Ricardo S (ag) wrote: fucking stain of a movie

Stlios P (fr) wrote: It is a strong statement that you cannot let the others define who you are and that everything is not either 100% or 0%

Marisol P (au) wrote: I have seen this movie and it is fantastic! Sam Eidson is great!

Niclas H (nl) wrote: Schysst ,milj och en hel del skratt!

Caitlin L (ru) wrote: An interesting story. Loved the back and forth between the two of them.

Maymay A (it) wrote: It was actually funny and it would always be worth it to see a great actor like Kevin Spacey in a typical comedy flick. It was good, but the premise was better than the end-product.

bill s (es) wrote: Nice story with well developed characters....good movie.

Masae P (es) wrote: weird but interesting

Robert P (es) wrote: Vlad Dracula, the Historical legend thereof.????

Mesha B (de) wrote: rip-off of the previous, didnt enjoy it very much didnt get me into it, if there going to half ass the movie might aswell not do it! -

Akash S (ca) wrote: This film, which put Director Majid Majidi on the World Cinema map, is a piece of gem. The story revolves around a pair of shoes, or rather its absence; never did I imagine that a pair of shoes can sustain my interest for 90 minutes. Writer/Director Majidi tackles issues like poverty, necessity, selflessness, purity of childhood, sibling-love, perseverance and determination with such aesthetic and charm, without being melodramatic.After five minutes into the movie, the kid Ali confesses to her sister Zahra that he lost her shoes and he couldn't find them; the innocence and sadness portrayed in this scene draws you into their lives immediately. The two kids are the heart and soul of the movie, and carry the movie forward with their range of genuine and varied emotions; the director draws out such powerful and sublime performances out of them. Even the supporting performances of Ali's father and the-small-girl-in-school are quite commendable.Losing something you're entrusted to, getting into trouble at home/school, asking your sibling/friend to cover up for you, sharing responsibilities when someone you care is sick, determination to win something with a larger goal in mind - these themes are so universal that a kid or adult from any place could easily relate to. The story might seem too linear and optimistic to some, but it portrays a world of love and selflessness. People, especially kids, with lesser means are often more selfless and helpful than their fellow beings with more riches; they appreciate and understand the value of even the simplest and smallest of things.The incidents, the adventures, and the whole running around due to the missing pair of shoes teaches them a lot of things. All the running around eventually pays off when Ali gets selected into the school race team; we never really realize how we acquire certain talents.Other than the brilliant acting, the artistically shot scenes and the remarkable background score add to the beauty and feel of the movie. The seven-minute kids' race sequence towards the and is quite craftily shot and directed. There are so many scenes which are memorable, and stay etched in your mind for a long time.

Andy P (us) wrote: A solid film that is anchored in strong performances by the three leads.

Ondrej (gb) wrote: I guess it's good as Jimmy Bond movie, but as a movie it doesn't hold that well. Way over the top.

Trump F (us) wrote: Probably along with star was IV the best single movie ever made. A man starts with nothing and gets revenge on the religious overlord commnuist dictator. Has comedy and Arnold in his prime who seems born to play he role. Has the wise ass ruff edge of the 80s that is so missed from modern jiizfests fo political correctness.

Grayson W (fr) wrote: This is a good slasher/thriller where a killer /rapist is on the loose. Good fun gore. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays the dead dumb and blind little sister to the protagonist. It's a bit of a Rear Window situation in the sense that the killer lives opposite to the protagonist in the identical mirrored apartment building of the same company. This setup is also a lot like Shivers. *Spoiler* The woman sneaks into the killers apartment and they trade places almost exactly like in Brian De Palmas Sisters. Both movies came out within a few months of each other, and both start with: a blond news anchor going a bit off script, becoming emotional about stories of a rapist on the loose in the city, and then in both cases the news anchor gets involved and becomes a target.

Maarrk H (ag) wrote: The older I get, the harder I find myself remotely capable of relating to films about young French boys who want to sleep with their mothers. Still, Malle's so damned effortless that I'm sure I'll remember 'Murmur of the Heart' for far longer than I may even want to.

Breanna P (it) wrote: Tony Randall is awesome!

Brandon M (ag) wrote: I really want to give this a perfect rating. I might even come back and change it, but boy did I love this film. The racing cinematography is absolutely PHENOMENAL. Pure racing, beautiful engine sounds. The film drags on to about 3 hours, and there are some melodramatic bits that might be excessive, but it does add to the behind-the-scenes atmosphere of Formula One racing relationships. Towards the beginning, there are some over-the-top extraneous camera shots, but beyond the few, the rest of the camera work is amazing. It's an epic; a spectacle. And nothing says it more than literally having an "intermission" screen and a racing still at the beginning with the word "OVERTURE" printed on it. Which leads me to one last thing - the soundtrack is fantastic, including the overture. Grand Prix is certainly one spectacular racing epic.