O Flagrante

O Flagrante

Five friends decide to enjoy Mardi Gras without their wives, leaving them home. But one of the wives doesn't accept this arrangement and tries to get even. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Florence G (br) wrote: Paysages magniques, neige .....sujet d'actualit !! Sympa !

Jim C (ca) wrote: I dun understand what the story means. main characters dies at the end..

O S (br) wrote: i don't like the english name of this movie, but it is really good... a new style that i haven't seen before...

Ryan T (es) wrote: Turning Romeo and Juliet into a martial arts movie may have sounded intriguing on paper, but it did not resonate on screen.

Blake B (gb) wrote: In my kick to collect as many Robert De Niro movies as I could, I stumbled upon Guilty by Suspicion with no idea what it was going to be about. The central premise is the government "witch-hunt" where they went after many people in Hollywood who may or may not have had ties to communism. The movie is obviously very one-sided (considering it's Hollywood that made this movie), as the government is made to be the puritanically evil and obtuse villain. That may have been true to some extent at the time, but the movie doesn't really go into the reasons for the paranoia and "witch-hunt" in the first place. The movie starts with the government badgering a supposed-communist (an excellent Chris Cooper), and he ends up naming all of his friends as potential communists. One of his closest friends is Robert De Niro's character. The rest of the movie follows him and how all of his friends and work associates react to his being named as a potential communist. The climactic scene has De Niro standing up to the government in the courtroom, which emboldens his other friends to stop taking the government abuse and stand up for themselves as well. There are many powerful scenes throughout the movie, but more than a few scenes tend to drag a bit. That's to be expected from this kind of drama, though. The strong performances from almost all of the cast (even George Wendt!) keep the movie interesting enough during even the heaviest dialogue.

Christopher L (ag) wrote: A kick-ass monster movie.

Ben S (nl) wrote: "Husbands" boasts a solid premise, but Cassavetes has absolutely no sense of when to end a scene. They just go on and on, and since a lot of the movie involves the characters having trouble communicating, this becomes hard to watch after a while. The improvisation of the actors feels forced. A tighter rein on the script and more judicious editing could have turned "Husbands" into a good movie.

Calum B (es) wrote: The film opens with Emperor Caligula (Jay Robinson) calling for his guards to find him the robe to bring him eternal life... Caligula stakes his life on the loyalty of the Praetorian Guards... So if they can keep him alive at all, why not forever?Peter (Michael Rennie) gave Demetrius of Corinth (Victor Mature) their master's robe to keep for him... As we all remember, Demetrius took the robe from the foot of the cross before Jesus died...By order of Caligula, 20 pieces of gold were authorized to pay for information concerning the robe that Jesus wore to the cross... Defending Lucia (Debra Paget) from malicious attack of a Praetorian Decurion, Demetrius is caught and sentenced to train as gladiator in the Claudian school...Being fully a Christian entails having a commitment: Demetrius, obviously, is condemned to death because he can't take a man's life... Puzzled by his religion, and fascinated by his magnificent physique, and wanting to find out if Demetrius will kill or not his opponent, Messalina asks to be put in the arena against the king of swordsmen the Nuban Glycon (William Marshall). The dramatic moment of the film comes when Lucia (Debra Paget)-Demetrius' sweetheart-sneaks in and is attacked by Dardanius (Richard Egan) and other gladiators... His faith shaken, Demetrius makes several kills, renounces his god, and succumbs to Messalina's charms...Susan Hayward looked gorgeous as the wicked Messalina... The part, however, was not developed... It might have been an ideal role for this beloved actress... This was Hayward's second movie with the radiant Debra Paget, who was still considered a promising starlet, but, again, they were never together in a scene...Future Academy Award winners Ernest Borgnine and Anne Bancroft had small parts... Michael Rennie and Jay Robinson were excellent in their respective roles... Julie Newmeyer was one of the dancing girls, long before she became Julie Newmar and played Howard's rival in "The Marriage-Go-Round.""Demetrius and the Gladiators" is a lively, efficient sequel to "The Robe," with emphasis less on religiosity than on the brutality of the arena...

Benedek A (mx) wrote: I tought it will be an amazing crime movie... I'm so dissapointed, but it's not that bad at all. 3.5/5.

Justin S (fr) wrote: Stupid and pointless.

David D (ru) wrote: "Sweet suffering ..."

Stephen I (de) wrote: Filled with the classic spy action that started this franchise, the first installment is an entertaining movie despite its overabundance of twists and turns. Full Review: Mission Impossible is certainly hard to keep up with. Most people only remember that Tom Cruise had to run and hang and get a device, and the rest of the plot fell through the cracks of the rapid pacing. But the reason why this movie started a massive franchise is its classic moments and the way it has plenty of fun with the spy genre. Everyone remembers Tom Cruise hanging from a wire, the shocking twist, and the huge action and suspense. Mission Impossible showed how much fun a spy flick can be, even at the cost of a sturdier script.

Matthew M (mx) wrote: It succeeds where it does, but Thor is more of a fun movie adventure, than a gripping story than the other MCU titles.

Guimo P (kr) wrote: Gillis is a genius when it comes to practical effects. With the film's defective plot and sullied execution, Harbinger Down simply feels like Gillis' outlet to show off his talent.

Patrick O (au) wrote: I thought it was a parody of pseudo-intellectual drivel. Since they didn't seem to be getting any closer to the punch line, I left after 45 minutes. It wasn't actually serious, was it?