O Gosto do Pecado

O Gosto do Pecado

After his wife leaves him, Júlio starts an affair with his secretary.

After his wife leaves him, Júlio starts an affair with his secretary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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clinton e (br) wrote: fred is still annooying and lacks humor, but i will admit i enjoyed this one better than the first. i enjoyed some of it

Matthew M (jp) wrote: Circle of Eight is a desperately confusing mess about a woman who moves into a strange apartment building possessed by strange characters, and then really bad stuff starts to happen... But is it all in her mind? Maybe, maybe not... She meets a fella. Eight hours later...it must be love. Yeh, right. Oh and one more thing... STAY OUT OF THE FUCKING FILE ROOM! Are you baffled by this review? Good. It's just how baffled I was by the film. That said, it was mildly enjoyable.

Sabrina R (ca) wrote: i'm a disney gal. :]

Hunter D (fr) wrote: I remember enjoying this movie when I was a kid, mainly because Patrick Stewart was in it playing a cool bad guy. I'm sure if I saw it now I would think it was shite, so I'll never revisit it just to preserve my good memories of it.

Scott M (jp) wrote: It's insanely stupid. This is a lynchian nightmare with a funny twist. Judd Nelson plays a garbage man, who is a part time unfunny comic who grows an arm out of his back. His best buddy is a retarded co-worker who never takes a shower and is never seen without his accordion. You'll laugh at the little things, like Wayne Newtons penciled-on mustache melting in his sweat. Check it out, it's gross, stupid and HILARIOUS!

John B (us) wrote: Baichwal receives much critical acclaim for her films but I end up finding them dreadfully dull as cinematic experiences. Can someone show her how to make a documentary an exciting thing?

Corpse M (it) wrote: i didnt find it racist towards any one race in general so its probably hard to hate on for that reason. The movie itself altough somewhat hard to follow if it doesnt have your full potential, is pretty hillarious and nicely drawn. as in other bakshi movies, there is a lot happening in the background that would make a sober person trip out,

Ryan M (kr) wrote: I can't believe Fritz Lang directed this, though it's easy to see why this was the last film he made in America. It contains none of his trademark visual flair (made on a tiny budget), the storyline while interesting (novelist tries to frame himself for murder to show how silly the legal system is), tries to out-twist itself in the last 20 minutes, with less success than Billy Wilder's "Witness For The Prosecution". Even the acting's not that impressive, I just don't think Fritz Lang was even trying when he got the script for "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt", proof that even a great director can struggle to compensate for a weak script.

Wiebke K (gb) wrote: While the story is kind of interesting -- CIA agent with dementia tries to solve one more case, the film does not get it done. I think it should have ended 5-10 minutes earlier than it did. Cage had some good moments, but the rest of the acting was not that great.

KHALIL L (mx) wrote: Even the venerable DeNiro could not save this movie.

Jonathan B (kr) wrote: Sidney Poitier plays a young, idealistic teacher, who inspires a class of disengaged, delinquent pupils in a run-down London school. The formula is one revisited with varying degrees of success, many times but where this film scores better than most is in the central performance of Poitier. He is brilliant in the role and manages to be convincing and sympathetic. The style may be a dated, but the impact remains fresh and the much lauded theme tune, sung by Lulu is something of a 60's British classic. The singer herself puts in a decent performance as one of the pupils and Judy Geeson is enchanting. This movie bristles with some of the better know faces of the British cinema and it is great to see them during their heyday in such a good movie.

F B (de) wrote: Felt like it was a little slow but also a powerful and disturbing film

TheLords A (au) wrote: Now this is a strange but interesting film to me. my Post-Production teacher showed me the intro in the beginning of class one day early in the fall semester at film school. from there i eventually decided to borrow it from the library and take a look. Plot: It's the story of an isolated family, the Munns which consists of the restless teenager, Chris, his father John, and his younger brother Tim. Things begin to change when John's brother Dell comes to claim the gold coins from John that he got from their father. Now again this is a very strange movie for two ways. one way is because of the editing which i will get to, and the second is how a lot fo things are put into this movie that do not make sense. The best example is the very beginning of the film that introduces Chris' recklessness (don't worry about what i'm going to explain because this doesn't have anything to do with the story of the film at all) it starts out showing that he has this girlfriend, and one day he decides to break a window in her father's house. he waits a while looking at he through the broken window before he runs. Her father storms outside of the house swearing at him and then takes a moment to shoot two Yosemite guns in the air, and then chase him with his dogs. Eventually the police get involved and they begin to chase Chris going through mud piles and just all around acting like it's a chase in the middle of a city even though they are all living in a very small town in Georgia. during the chase, Chris steps on an nail on some wood right through his foot and decides to use a brick to bend the nail so that he can keep running with the nail & board still in his foot. and eventually the chase ends with Chris, for no clear reason, goes to a pond, grabs a rope and swings into the pond. it sounds very messed up but in a way it's interesting at the same time. Acting: nothing particular to say. Generally no one had any big expressions or anything which wasn't necessarily bad but it did help prove the movie to be very strange. Music: there was not a lot of it. and even when there was, it was very quite through and through. Editing: Now this is where the movie was also strange. throughout the film, there were point were a particular shot is repeated, colors temporarily changed or the frame freezes as a way of changing scenes. most of this only happens in the beginning but it still generally happens. and that is my review for Undertow