O Homem do Sputnik

O Homem do Sputnik

UFO falls on a hillbilly's hencoop and he tries to sell it. Soon international missions are sent to the place, for there's a suspicion it might be the famous Russian satellite, the Sputnik.

UFO falls on a hillbilly's hencoop and he tries to sell it. Soon international missions are sent to the place, for there's a suspicion it might be the famous Russian satellite, the Sputnik. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (kr) wrote: Serious lack of acting, poor special effects, and a weak story line.

Hyam Q (kr) wrote: it's really nice !! XD

Waleed T (us) wrote: As a documentary, it's a good one....dancing aside it's a good way to shed the light on the tough life of a group of young people in south LA...... Now the dancing part.......... Just the main point I'll make here is that the faggot ass Lil' C is NOT, I repeat, Is NOT the face of krump....he's just the guy that went Hollywood with it, period. Compared to other krumpers ( And I'm not talking about the good ones, I'm talking about any lil homie ) , anyone could talk him on and rip him off with just 1 kill-off ..... If you are interested in watching some OUTSTANDING dance moves, go on youtube, search Tight Eyez.... And start clicking ..... the amount of physicality and body control is remarkable, you'll get blown away.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: I actually enjoyed this much better than the Zeffirelli film "Brother Sun, Sister Moon." That was more artistic, but this was more faithful to the story of St. Francis' life. I think I've learned that Michael Curtiz does a wonderful job in simply and faithfully translating classic stories to film (from the few of his movies I've seen.)

Kevin D (es) wrote: I enjoy a good John Wayne film, but this is not one of his better efforts. The early-70s pimp music is pretty cool, though.

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:This movie had a great concept which was badly executed by the director. If the storyline wasn't based on a true story, I would have said that it was far fetched because the director made it out to be a comedy more than a serious crime story. Basically the story is about a small time crook who lives with his girlfriend and they are finding it hard to make ends meet. After visiting the courtroom during Gotti's trial, Tommy hears that the mob don't like carrying guns so be comes up with the smart idea to rob them. Stupid but true! I couldn't believe that Tommy didn't wear a face mask or try and lay low so he didn't get caught. Anyway, the concept had all the makings for a great movie, but the actors that were playing the leads were a bad choice by the director. During one of the robberies, Tommy gets his hands on a list which contains all of the names and connections in the mob. That alone could have made a great movie but the director made a right mess of it. The only reason why I'm glad that I watched the movie was because I learnt about the list and the stupidity of this couple who should have moved miles away, after robbing so much money from the mob. Disappointing!Round-Up:It was good to see Andy Garcia back on the big screen, playing his usual mafia boss type role but he really was wasted in this movie. The guy who plays the main character, Michael Pitt, who looks very similar to Robert Pattinson, really wasn't the best choice for this role because he seemed like a over excited teenager who didn't have the brains or capability to pull of such a big job, time and time again. His annoying girlfriend also seemed a bit ditzy and annoying which is why I didn't real feel or care about the main characters. All the the characters who played the mob, were great but we have seen them play those type of roles before. Personally, I blame the director for not taking such a great concept seriously like Scorsese or Coppola would have.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $200,000I recommend this movie to people who are into their gangstar/comedies about a couple who rob the mob after hearing that they don't like carrying guns. 3/10