O Homem Que Descobriu o Nu Invisível

O Homem Que Descobriu o Nu Invisível


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O Homem Que Descobriu o Nu Invisível torrent reviews

Carlos Z (ru) wrote: Its a good, heartwarming movie about personal journeys people take

Marty D (fr) wrote: Full of dodgy manc/scouse accents and lennon's and his mam are creepy round each other. Give me Back beat any day over this

Gretta v (de) wrote: film ceste koja nema kraja :)

Miss T (us) wrote: It's real life drama

Sam R (nl) wrote: The American Dream SucksUnderstated with AMAZING performances by the entire cast. Recommended.

Ritchie G (jp) wrote: Decent thriller that purportedly reflects the mood of Americans back then - the Japanese are coming!

Jon H (kr) wrote: Seems like it's going to be funny, but always ends up with someone getting violently injured sans laughs (ala Blake Edwards). See it only if you're a completist of any of the cast.

Maxwell S (fr) wrote: Looser narrative structure than Marker's other masterpiece "La jette". At times it wants to have the sureness of "La jette", but for the most part it is consistent and sure of itself. However, that barely matters considering how deeply moving this film is. But, it's moving from things we already knew, but Marker's approach is so brilliant and surreal, and he exercises that to the absolute fullest. This film is a masterpiece. Greater than Sans soleil. And certainly one of the 5 essential documentaries. I'm not going to analyze this film, because it already analyzes itself so profoundly, and I don't want to rub anyone the wrong way about this towering achievement.

Gracie S (ag) wrote: Beautiful movie! I cried like a baby. Oh goodness, it was great. Olivia de Havilland deserved that Oscar, She's such a great actress.

Tunisha H (fr) wrote: the beginning of the movie was great....but the ending was very disappointing

Alex K (fr) wrote: could not stop laughing