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O Ilias tou 16ou

Three friends (Thom, Elias and Vaggelis) decide to rob Vaggelis' boss and they come up with a plan to dress Elias as a police officer so that nobody will suspect them. From that point on, everything goes wrong.

O Ilias tou 16ou is the best new movie of Christos Giannakopoulos (play), Katia Kissonergi (adaptation), Alekos Sakellarios (play). This movie was introduced in 2008. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Petros Filippidis, Thanasis Tsaltabasis, Themis Bazaka, Tasos Kostis, Kostas Apostolakis, Antonis Antoniou, Hristos Simardanis, Thaleia Matika, Dimitris Liolios, Iro Mane, Tasos Nousias, Maria Konstadaki, Laertis Malkotsis, Panos Skouroliakos, Mihalis Giannatos. The kind of movie are Comedy. The rating is 5.8 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 100 minutes. Fakyougo is crazy uploader, he is very hard-working. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Crazy', so what is your opinion. Do you know what are customers? ShinichiKuto is the best. I don't push my Galaxy screen. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

Hilarity ensues as this comedy of errors sends their plan spiralling off in a totally different direction. While Thomas will attempt the breaking and entering, Elias will be disguised as a police officer – for security reasons, of course. They decide the only solution is to snatch money from Vangelis’ boss, Labros ; a cafeteria owner, pawnbroker and fence. Elias of the 16th Precinct follows three friends – Elias, Thomas and Vangelis – who face considerable financial hurdles with their debts rivalling the size of Everest

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Users reviews

Alyan H (de)

One of the best films of 2004, Pure hilarity and genius

Angela F (ag)

'm really liking this Jeremy Renner!. Really interesting story with one of the oddest happy endings I've ever seen

Caque A (us)

Ambas partes debieron tener el mismo peso, si se hubiese rodado hoy, sera muy diferente. Testimonios inslitos y aterradores de la WWII, salvan la pelcula de un tratamiento melodramtico y unilateral

Casey B (ca)

This is an amusing, realistic, and touching gem. A different side of the relationship/breakup that we rarely see on the big screen

Gavin P (ru)

. . Funny/sad that 70+ years later, nothing has really changed. A tour de force from Stewart, carrying the entire film as the naive junior senator, just trying to good and finding what it takes to change the set-in-their-ways politico

Howard E (ru)

Better yet, get a copy of DAYS OF HEAVEN and watch that. It's deadly boring. Unless you're a masochist, give this film a huge miss. They are the lucky ones. At least a half a dozen actors, including Rachel Weisz, Jessica Chastain, Michael Sheen, Amanda Peet, Barry Pepper and Michael Shannon had scenes in the film which ended up on the cutting room floor. That much is quite evident. Malick would describe the characters and the actors would improvise. As with most of Malick's films, there was no formal script. Is this movie about the loss of love and faith then? If Malick sees himself as Ben's character (whose name, Neil, we also only find out from the end credits), then he's quite the brooder. After their marriage ended just three years later, he reconnected with and married Alexandra Wallace, whom he dated when they were both students in Texas. They married in 1985 and they moved to Texas together. Malick apparently had a romance with Michele Morette in France in the 1980s. It has been suggested that TO THE WONDER is autobiographical. In fact, if think of that awful spot Brad Pitt did last year for the product and extend it to almost two hours, you have this film. 5. Between the combination of Olga speaking in French and the film's spacious shots of Paris, Normandy, and later, Oklahoma, you could be excused for thinking you're watching one very long, boring TV commercial for something like Chanel No. Half the time you can barely hear what anyone is saying. The dialogue, which is really just a series of monologues or shared thoughts, wafts in the air for a brief moment before dissipating. Everything is in the moment. So much is never explored. That's the thing with Malick's films. She did give up custody of her daughter to her husband (or ex-husband, maybe, we're not sure) so perhaps there were some psychological issues that were never explored. Olga, for her part, does a great job twirling and prancing around - in their backyard, at the supermarket, on the beach at Mont Saint-Michel (which was once known in France as the Wonder) - but, really, her character whose name we only know from the end credits is in serious need of a dose of Focusyn. You can count in the single digits how many seconds his face is seen full on during the film. If spending 112 minutes watching the back of Ben Affleck's head is your idea of a good time, then this film is for you. Although I want to remain a Terrence Malick fan, the director makes it very difficult with this piece of tediously ethereal garbage. The American man renews a relationship with his childhood sweetheart who is recently divorced but that ends abruptly when the Frenchwoman returns. Meanwhile, a Spanish priest in the same Oklahoma town has a crisis of faith. He asks her and her daughter to return with him to Oklahoma but, while life in their new home starts out well, problems ultimately arise and the women return to France. An American environmentalist (maybe, we're not sure) meets a Frenchwoman in Paris and they fall in love. Like Malick's other films, this one is light on talk and heavy on visuals. Over the next 34 years, Malick directed just four films, the most recent being TO THE WONDER, starring Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko and Javier Bardem. The film remains one of my all-time favourites. Nestor Almendros went on to win an Oscar (R) for his work filming the beauty and wonder of Alberta, Canada (standing in for the Texas panhandle). And he knows how to pick his cinematographers. He not only tells a story with incredible poetry, he also knows how to get his actors to convey a world of emotions with just a simple glance. An hour and a half later, I was a Terrence Malick fan. It starred the then relatively unknown Richard Gere but I went to see it because it also starred Sam Shepard, whose talent as both a playwright and an actor I greatly admire. The film was his second feature sitting in the director's chair - DAYS OF HEAVEN. I was first introduced to the work of Terrence Malick when I was in university

Ian M (br)

Utterly hateful film

Jos C (nl)

uena produccin espanola. Las actuaciones son muy convincentes. Vaya pelicula, sdica y retorcida

Jukka H (ag)

Bad Biology is so much better

Kairene B (ca)

just like every dance movie