O Jeca Macumbeiro

O Jeca Macumbeiro

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Tim M (au) wrote: Pretty creepy, fantastic ending. I liked the continuous shot. It's not clear how old Laura is and if she is in any of the photos. Did a ghost possess her? Haunted house and ghost fans should be pleased.

Charles S (ru) wrote: I realize I was supposed to be more impressed by this than I was.. Not really 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' knock-off... Ending could really have been handled better, for implications, tragedy, etc.


Valerie A (es) wrote: cute Netflix on demand pick.

Haylie K (jp) wrote: Okay, the story isn't really bad but yea, for kids :).

Toto A (ca) wrote: A psychological voyage victimized by its own perfection. The End of Evangelion matches Anno's usual intense direction with its stylish and convulsed visuals in order to conclude its source material. But making it possible by letting its overload of aggresive content and sureal imagery for the viewers to love or hate.

HungYa L (au) wrote: Personally I think this version of King Arthur story is a waste of Sean Connery' s real talent. But the soundtrack has to be one of the most classic!!

Brett C (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Great story. Amazing performances.

Alec H (ca) wrote: My dad highly recommended this and claimed it foreshadowed the rise of Trump. I like it, but disagree because I think it's an interesting parody of conservative politics of the 80s and 90s with a smug Hollywood liberal view (it is a Tim Robbins movie after all). Even in its smugness it is still interesting and fun, with Robbins as a conservative senate candidate along with Alan Rickman as a CIA-connected campaign manager

Jay C (de) wrote: [2013-8-18 MGM Channel]