O Liberdade

O Liberdade

Film from Rafael Andreazza, Cíntia Langie

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O Liberdade torrent reviews

Spencer S (de) wrote: It's well animated, it sports an outstanding dub, and is filled with fun action, but it still sorely lacks and fails to even compare to the brilliance of the original anime masterpiece

Mandeep S (gb) wrote: There was once a time when I actually liked this movie :/

Ethan H (it) wrote: One of the best Godzilla movies of all time

Xinyuan W (nl) wrote: What can I say ? I love this movie !

Sma A (kr) wrote: Philip Seymour Hoffman is hilarious in this film. Gotta love the queens.

David J (gb) wrote: Campy '70's throwback horror flick, "We Are Still Here," is likely to be beloved by horror junkies.