O Livro Multicolorido de Karnak

O Livro Multicolorido de Karnak

A documentary about the secret tour Karnak did on China. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan G (br) wrote: As far as the movie adaptation of the life of a former soldier, I feel as though the director did what was necessary to bring his story to light; without turning the story into a blur of between fiction and reality. Now, the motion picture on it's own however, I feel as though Andrew Garfield's performance could have been better, or for that matter much worse.

Riley H (ag) wrote: Despite its obvious bias, this still succeeds. And it's pretty depressing.

Janeth N (it) wrote: La historia era buena, pero el protagonista es demasiado mal actor. Este es el primer agente encubierto que vive en su propia casa, asiste a fiestas y va a la oficina... francamente.

Laurie M (ca) wrote: Real life husband and wife star as husband and wife AND use their real first names? That's a bit much...but I still enjoyed it.

Tracey S (ca) wrote: It's not always about white people suffering the most , the slave trade was the worst and most tragic holocaust ever and to this day no reparations, the numbers from the Jewish holocaust r not proven and still cannot compare to the slave trade. But it is so easy to ignore the TRUTH! White America I square still livin in ROSEWOOD TIMES!!!!!!

Walter M (es) wrote: It wasn't the money. It was the bloody insult. As Foley(Jack Thompson) tells it over after who knows how many beers, his plan is to work for a few years shearing sheep before retiring to the coast. To put him in this general direction, his old friend Tim King(Max Cullen), now a contractor, hires Foley for a job but not before he settles a bar bet in his favor. Along the way, they collect others, including Michael(Gregory Apps), a young roustabout, to take to the ranch where the most important element is having enough lemon essence for Quinn(Ken Weaver), the cook. Its opening car crash notwithstanding, "Sunday Too Far Away" gets off to a rough start, populated as it is with references to the backbreaking profession of sheep shearing.(I had to look up what a roustabout is which cleared up a thing or two.) But as time goes on, this is less about the profession than the cult of masculinity in the Australian outback where men are real men, women are real women and the sheep are really nervous and we get a very clear idea where such a life of hard living will eventually lead.(I was surprised not to see any signs of prostitution. Otherwise, there is not that much for the men to do in their down time, except drink and inspect tomorrow's sheep.) As such, the movie is full of symbolism, like the rams(not the St. Louis variety, either) being the first ones to be shorn, with a special admonition to be very careful.(There is a running competition amongst the men as to who is best.) On the other hand, maybe it is not all symbolic in this gritty movie, as sometimes doing laundry is just doing laundry, even stark naked.

Private U (ag) wrote: Not schlocky or suffering from the parody syndrome of the later blaxploitation flix. Tons of fun. Also tons of T&A. Pam at her best. Sid Haig is fun as always. As my friend matt sez, it combines 2 great exploitation genres, W.I.P. (women in prison) and blaxploitation, what could be bad?

Matthew R (fr) wrote: An interesting look at men and love. Just a sleeper classic that I love.

Chuck V (de) wrote: I found it fitting that this was one of Williams' final performances. It shows the tortured soul that haunted Williams. It is a film that must be viewed not for the story but for what it is.

Anthony M (gb) wrote: Underrated by most. Compared to it's sequels it's frigging Raging Bull.