O Mágico e o Delegado

O Mágico e o Delegado


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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O Mágico e o Delegado torrent reviews

Bobby N (gb) wrote: Most underwhelming, the characters are never supremely developed and there are some unnecessary/awkward scenes

Carl M (us) wrote: James and his friends set out to interview an author who claims that the people of Madison County have been hiding a serial killer in their midst, but unfortunately for them, it's true! Director Eric England has unwittingly unlocked the secret to destroying suspense in his new film MADISON COUNTY. Moody atmosphere and creeping terror need not apply in this boring, generic Slasher. Instead, the kills are committed by a villain who literally walks up and stabs his victims in broad daylight, a villain who doesn't even give the audience the slightest bit of satisfaction by ripping off a few heads or tearing out his victims' throats. MADISON COUNTY is completely uninventive in every way, and England makes no attempt to hide the numerous genre influences that helped to shape the film. Horror fans will easily pick out the direct visual and audio references to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, MOTEL HELL, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, and many more. As if things were not bad enough, MADISON COUNTY is nauseating to watch thanks to the constantly-shaking camera. Not even the mediocre acting from the cookie cutter characters can save the film from falling into the sea of forgettable Slashers.

Daniel K (nl) wrote: I do love Monday night pictures at Beartooth. Great audiences, great pizza, and great ale. The main thing this film made me ponder was how Hollywood manages to miss the mark so often when it comes to the romantic comedy genre. Why does she have to be a YOUNG movie star, fashion magazine editor, children's book store owner, newspaper columnist, publicist, etc? Why can't she be a 41 year old Mom that works at a post office? Why does he have to sell yachts, be strange and crazy, smoke weed, write music for a hit TV show, own a multinational conglomerate, run a lucrative and selective dating business, be a fashion/art photographer, etc? Why can't he be a simply truck driver that is a wife-beating alcoholic divorcee? Often the simplest answer is the best. This is a picture that keeps everything simple and naturalistic; and it works oh so well largely because of it. The casting is impeccable. The children are wonderful. The husband is hilarious. The boyfriend is just off enough to seem the perfect balance between desperate and a great catch. And I don't need to say anything about the lead. She is beautiful and yet incredibly approachable. I would imagine nearly every woman over the age of thirty (or younger) could easily relate to her. I can't imagine any guy would turn her down or not give her a second+ look. The dialogue is superb. I can't remember the last time I've laughed so much in a theater. At inappropriate times too, which is the greatest. There are numerous hilarious lines where I found it hilarious ever before I was supposed to; classic realistic and simple writing. It is all in the attention to detail and the little shots/snippets of dialogue. This is a romantic comedy for those that have lost faith in the genre or at least have been waiting around for something much more natural and realistic. It's a romantic comedy that a helluva lot more people than normal can probably relate to; in other words it is approachable. Leave it to a Belgian I guess. This is hands down the best romantic comedy I have seen in quite a while. The meet cute alone is worth it. I loved it.

Zac S (ag) wrote: This movie was perfectly cast and the direction was spot on. I was able to attend the premier and meet the people this story was based on and surprisingly, everyone was on the same page and the connections they made over the past 4 years of production were played out perfectly on screen. Dialogue was fitting for 2 youths in from a small sleepy town in the South. Great story. Great movie. I think it's won 12 indie film awards too.

Jonny P (fr) wrote: "Death at a Funeral" (the original British version) is a hysterical character-driven black comedy. Even though I only have vague familiarity with a few of these actors, the script is so well written that the characters make the actors funny, not vice versa (as attempted by the American remake). The script brings this group of connected characters to a wedding where a combination of secrets, grief, and drugs results in a lot of dark humor. Black comedies usually are not my cup of tea but this one is so good that you can't help but laugh. Andy Nyman has a truly inspired performance as Howard, the unfortunate recipient of some mislabeled drugs. His mannerisms and unseen hallucinations are convincing while always remaining comedic instead of dramatic. My favorite character is Justin, the sleezy guy who just can't take a hint and stop bothering his former one-night stand (who is now engaged to the naked Howard on the roof). The best part of Justin is the revelation that causes him to give up. Matthew MacFadyen actually delivers a pretty awesome dramatic/emotional performance amidst all of the chaos while Peter Vaughan is just plain hilarious in the role of Uncle Alfie. "Death at a Funeral" is off-the-wall, unpredictable, and often inappropriate, but something about it is irresistible and worth watching.

Alejandro L (ag) wrote: Es hasta tonto hacer un comedia sobre futbol pero no mostrarlos nunca jugando...ambos actan bien, y la comedia tiene sus momentos, pero en otros se pierde entre un drama y la historia de superacin. Se puede ver.

Joey F (jp) wrote: This is one of the best movies of all time. The writing is perfect, it's trippy as hell, and it'll hit you square in both the feels and the funnies. I think it's safe to say that I'll see anything Charlie Kaufman gets his hands on.

Lucas M (br) wrote: An unfunny "comedy" movie.

Kelly M (us) wrote: I love this movie. I think it's hilarious!

Kai A (jp) wrote: Denne er absolutt verdt se, totalt bizarr historie

Marta R (de) wrote: At first, I was like...omg... another film of his that is repeating the same material... but this one, actually was pretty good... I have enjoyed this one, the most "normal", of all his films. Lead female was great!

Chris B (ag) wrote: A greaser picture from the wonderfully eccentric mind of Robert Rodriguez, "Roadracers" is an entertaining and wonderfully unique work from the talented Director. I'm a huge fan of Rodriguez and his gift to make great films despite early budgetary limits are nearly unmatched in the industry. This early work from him takes place in the 50s and feature David Arquette for his sleaze factor, so says Rodriguez. It's entertaining, briskly paced and over the top in places all with Robert Rodriguez's unique look and feel to it. If you are a fan then be sure to check out this early work of his, you won't be disappointed.

tp b (mx) wrote: Superb!!! Amazing right from the first minutes.

Conner R (mx) wrote: Even though it's not amazing, this is actually really interesting and well done movie. Sadly it will always be compared to Rashomon, even though the remake really tries to be something else and is hardly shot for shot. It has some great characters, Paul Newman as Carrasco is utterly ridiculous, yet hilarious at the same time. The cinematography is beautiful and even rivals Kurosawas, so in that respect it's a very worthy remake. This really is the best possible western interpretation of the story.

Ryan W (es) wrote: The wonderful thing about Batman Returns is of course Keaton's wonderful return but even more so Michelle Pfiefer's performance as Catwoman. The thing that this film misses from the first one however, is that the humour has been replaced with Tim Burton's dark complete creative control which he was not granted in the first film. Danny Divito had potential as the Penguin, however Burton made him a little too gruesome, so much that this version of the Penguin could have been in a horror film. However, maybe it's somewhat part of this movies charm to have more horrific Batman film, and although I do love the ghoulish presence this film takes, I still can't get passed how nauseating the Penguin was which wasn't really Divitos fault, but more of a writing and costume problem. Could have used a little more comic relief like the first one also.

Calum R (nl) wrote: An entertaining pre title sequence isn't enough to prevent Octopussy from ranking amongst the lowest of the James Bond films.

Zane F (kr) wrote: An amazing film that really shows the struggles of civilians in the middle of their war torn country.

Matthew D (gb) wrote: Doom isn't as clever as it could be in the execution of its super-powered battles or exploring their consequences. But the choreography is still gut-wrenching in its action and the cast is perhaps the finest ensemble ever gathered for a superhero film, the voice-work shines in the smattering of personal moments, that it keep just about entertaining enough up til the final confrontation. If only the climax didn't dissipate what had been built up with a set piece that breaks credulity and the laws of physics even by superhero story standards.

Dakoda S (gb) wrote: This was an alright movie, interesting but.. eh.

Binura K (kr) wrote: Highly underrated movie. Great acting, music and cinematography.