O Marginal

O Marginal

Fleeing from the orphanage where he was living, young Valdo immediately entered the life of the crime, establishing himself as a dangerous adult criminal. However, his petty thefts do not satisfy him and he longs for bigger things and when he becomes a lover of Beth, the young criminal realizes that he can enrich himself very and very fast.

The rise and fall of a violent gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian R (de) wrote: Loved it, brought back so many memories and did a great job explaining a lost era.

Drowsy I (ca) wrote: I always agree with rotten tomatoes but this was actually a really good movie it wasn't the best I'll give it a 50/50 it was very entertaining because this is a first of demons and gargoyles and it had the famous actor Bill Nighy you can obviously tell it's from the underworld makers and they did put a little bit of good effort in the movie it was a little out of whack but it wasn't too bad and I actually enjoyed it I prefer this movie then Suicide Squad any day of the week anytime I am a great critic I am from Los Angeles Hollywood

John K (nl) wrote: What The Hell did i just watch? Is this a comedy film? Man! this movie is awful.After seeing dumb and Dumber I was skeptic on this Movie, I ask Myself will this unknown actors do a good job portray this roles? well my expectations were low but I want to see the execution of it and it was horrible,It is poorly done ,poorly written and poorly acted and the main characters are annoying unlike the original"annoying yet loveable" but here nope they're not loveable .It is one of the worst films of all time

Justin B (gb) wrote: It captures the raw brutality of the story but the direction is... off; and the decision to change the castaway kids from polite British school boys to foul-mouthed military academy punks kind of defeats the purpose.

Eliabeth U (gb) wrote: Like an early King and I...

Chischilly 1 (kr) wrote: great movie, great proformance by Farrah Fawcett. In the movie, the lady gets brutally attacked in her own home by the man that intended to rape her. But the man who lives to regret it!!!