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O membro decaído


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Jerome Y (br) wrote: Expecting a sequel... which turn out to be a totally unrelated plot!... but a damn good one in my opinion. Daniel, Louis & Lau were excellent in playing their characters. Love it!

Kristen C (de) wrote: Cute storyline, good animation, 3D is also done well. One of few movies I put on that I like.

Adriana C (au) wrote: great and excellent movie

James W (kr) wrote: A GREAT looking movie with some very disturbing imagery. Zack's movie-making prowess continues to move forward.

SpyGuy G (fr) wrote: Zoolander is a really good movie that will make you laugh, a lot. Ben stiller does an amazing job as male supermodel Derek Zoolander. There's a lot of good running jokes like how Derek can't turn left and how he does not like another supermodel named Hansel. When you watch Zoolander I just know that you will really like it, it's just an amazing movie.

Vince F (es) wrote: After watching Orphan, I wanted to indulge in more psycho toddler flicks and I must state that this one is the better ones and can practically be seen as a sequel/remake companion piece to Orphan as basically the same plot happens only instead this time it's a boy instead of a girl. As we have a young successful but "sterile" couple adopt a apparent innocent young boy for the fact that his previous "foster" family had all been killed off in brutal ways. Hmmmm can Mikey possibly have something to do with this? The movie is basically a slasher flick with the slasher this time being a toddler. If you can get over the lack of credibility this plot can have (can a 9 year old boy really kill this many people without getting caught and beaten up by the much stronger adults?) you may find yourself liking it. This was one of the reasons I hated this movie before as it just seemed so hard to swallow. The movie has a vicious mean streak though and a high body count. The first victim is quite nasty, as we have a 4 year old girl killed by getting drowned in a swimming pool. These kinds of deaths aren't gonna be approved by high brow touchy sucks, but its a slasher flick and on that note the movie displays its huge set of balls. The kills in here are all mean and one keeper kill involves a huge ball bearing get slingshoted into someones eye, OUCH, that kill rocked!!The cast are all actually quite competent and it helps that the characters are all given layers that make the violence all more shocking (minus the dumb loser boyfriend).The parents who adopt Mikey were actually quite likable and just wanted to provide the kid with as much love as they can, nothing wrong with that. I also loved the mundane but oh so crisp looking visuals the director slapped our way. The music score is also a plus, and the pace is super fast. The settings in suburbia really worked for this movie. Violent murders happening in upper class homes is quite the awesome clashing there. The actor to portray Mikey also held the movie on his shoulders and actually came off sinister. This boy is messed up!! Must have quite the negative issues. Which leads me to my complaints. Orphan eventually pealed away the layers as to why our Esther was so messed, but in this movie we are given practically nothing as to why Mikey is so crazy. Kind of hurts the movie and all we are given is a brief line that Mikey's parents "may" have been abusive. Come on, something more brutal must have happened to this kid, I mean he enjoys snapping cats necks, watching all his previous kills on home video (referring them to Mikeys funniest home videos), enjoys mutilating his forearms with wall tacs, as well as smashing his mothers hand with a hammer while displaying no sign of ANY emotion, come on, give me a bone or something, anything as to what makes this psycho tick. As well as the subplot of his nosy teacher trying to find out whats wrong with him just for the fact that he drew a thanksgiving picture of a turkey killing a hunter. She also got on my nerves for being one of those fake bitches who act nice but really aren't. Luckily Mikey took her out. Also a very minor complaint I have is the kid neighbor who befriends Mikey. The kid looked ugly, dressed for shit and just REEKED of nerdiness, I was hoping that since Mikey had no problem killing a 4 year old girl he would be able to dispatch this tool as well. Oh well.So this movie goes for gold but gets the silver (orphan got the gold) and remember "Jason and Freddy were kids once too".

Isaiah H (us) wrote: Eddie murphey classic

Gina W (us) wrote: A quiet movie, with beautiful scenery and a strong female character.