In a College for the Arts of some sort, 5 freshmen students (Prim, Foon, Chompoo, Art, and Puen) met randomly during the ceremony on the first day of class. One day, the freshmen were required to donate blood. They learned then that the 5 of them have the same blood type, O-negative. Prim was into Interior Design. Art was into Photography. Prim was poor while Foon was rich. Art was not so poor while Puen was rich. Chompoo, in the middle.

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O-Negative torrent reviews

Amber N (es) wrote: fun movie love Selena Gomez and demi is cool

Winfield W (gb) wrote: Interesting idea but poorly executed. I never knew of any Catholic community to be like this camp but apparently this is a true story.

Walter C (us) wrote: Basically a girl is stalked by a guy who kills everybody she runs into while riding a bike trail because he wants to make her dinner.There's very little dialogue in this movie and when there is it sucks. Nothing that the characters do makes sense and whenever the girl gets to a sign in the road all she does is cry.The movie takes itself too seriously to be funny bad so, it's just plain bad.

Michael F (ru) wrote: this wasn't quite as bad as it's reviews...but it was far from good. And eddie murphy isn't even funny in it.

Mark H (ru) wrote: 85%Bernard Hermann's jarring score is what ultimately leads to this films success, alongside Hitchcock's precise attention to the horror genre. I did find the scenes after the climax a bit tedious although somewhat necessary to explain the psyche of Mr. Bates, and the film more intriguing than scary, but the film itself is a genuine thrill ride.

Zachary Y (us) wrote: An amazing supporting cast of parents and potential parents as well as Josh Brolin and Richard Jenkins, but the lackluster plot, white top of its class, is overwhelmingly predictable and boring.

Ken T (es) wrote: Entertaining Flynn flick profiling the rise of boxer "Gentleman" Jim Corbett. The film follows Corbett from bank clerk to opportunist at the Olympic Club to his success as a boxer leading him to a title bout with the legendary John L. Sullivan. The film does do a good job showing how Corbett was a new style of fighter opposed to the regular fighters of the day. The love story in the film was a little weak. A fine film.

Gregory W (kr) wrote: Great cast can't beat it

Kay L (mx) wrote: Disappointingly pointless. None of the reveals were shocking and I didn't care. Good cast, too bad.

Chris S (it) wrote: First off, it's not quite as bad as the critics say...but it's still pretty bad. The concept of the movie sounds like it should be a fun movie, but it was pretty underwhelming. Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage are annoying, while the rest of the actors are just utterly bland. I'm not giving it a 1 star rating because it was watchable and I got through the whole thing. It's a harmless movie, but it's completely forgettable after one viewing.

Denise P (gb) wrote: Its story is somewhat contrived in spots and some of the humor is swing-and-miss, but Wedding Crashers triumphs due to the heartfelt and humorous chemistry between Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, as well as strongly affecting work from a comically adept supporting cast, which helps to compensate for whatever flaws the movie might have.

Max M (us) wrote: welocome to the road even though there are more accidents and car crashes each year there are wors a thing called creatures of the night AKA bloodsuckers AKA vampires the forsaken tells the story of a driver for hire named sean which sean picks up a hitchiker named nick who which they talk to a little bit then they meet a innocent young woman named megan who sees the vampires killing people which then more things happen the forsaken is like combining the good things all in one such as a road movie such as the hitcher combining near dark or the lost boys or john carpenter's vampires the forsaken is one of the better horror films of the 2000's the decade when horror when down the drain but really the forsaken is a great horror film highly recommended for any horror fan a great vampire movie and one of my best top vampire movies ever made the forsaken is a cool and creepy horror film highly recommended when the film had came out on april 27th 2001 the film had opened at #8 because of the sylvester stallone and renny harlin film called driven highly recommended. THE FORSAKEN AKA DESERT VAMPIRES starring:kerr smith (final destination and my bloody valentine 3-D) brendan fehr izabella miko (coyote ugly) phina cruche simon rex (shriek if you know what I did last friday the thirteenth scary movie 3 and scary movie 4) carrie snodgress johnathon schaech alexis thorpe and james O' shea. genre:horror film's rating:R for strong bloody horror vampire violence throughout including some bloody and disturbing images brief nudity and language. directed by:J.S cardone