O nosso Homem

O nosso Homem


  • Category:Drama
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Dat1Phit
  • Country:Portugal
  • Director:Pedro Costa
  • Writer:N/A

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O nosso Homem torrent reviews

Caitlin M (br) wrote: Better then I thought it was going to be

Don S (jp) wrote: Not really quite sure what to make of this "found footage" movie about a rocket to the moon after Apollo 17. The entire mission doesn't make sense, and the creatures are laughably ridiculous. I was mostly entertained, but in the end just don't feel this is good enough to recommend.

Amy H (it) wrote: slow and not really scary

Victoria K (mx) wrote: Great movie! Absolutely loved it. Critics are wrong giving it law rating as they are probably too political.

Johnny B (jp) wrote: Uh...funny yet disturbing... wierd as heck.

Alec B (fr) wrote: The film that ruined Francis Ford Coppola. I know it gets a lot of shit, but I rather enjoyed it. The sets, the lighting, and the music creates am eerie, dreamlike quality that allows the story to transcend the real world. Not all of the film works, but Coppola was really trying something different here and I really like that. In my opinion he mostly succeeded. The best thing is that Tom Waits score with some wonderful sad songs.

Anne F (nl) wrote: Criminal meets good girl, falls in love and marries her. He turns over a new leaf but meets great resistance from those who think a leopard never changes its spots and catastrophe ensues. The film was implausible (to say the least) in places, but I found it exciting and happily watched it to the (predictable) end.

Nicholas N (it) wrote: Funny and good action

ken k (kr) wrote: I think the critics are a bit too hard on DeNiro and Travolta. This one was pretty good. Kept my attention with an unpredictable ending. An accurate dipiction of the futility of war and the men back in society plagued by haunting memories and the difficulty coming home and adjusting.

F B (jp) wrote: An interesting and original film but not one i would want to see again.