O Porão das Condenadas

O Porão das Condenadas

In 1947, the peasant Jones and his four year-old son Julinho are executed by Jarbas and the other five brothers of his wife Martha that do not accept the marriage of their sister with a ...

In 1947, the peasant Jones and his four year-old son Julinho are executed by Jarbas and the other five brothers of his wife Martha that do not accept the marriage of their sister with a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zoe S (de) wrote: one of the worst horror movies i have seen... did not watch it all as it was that crap... have to admit that some of the scenes were funny... but all together it was badly filmed, badly acted and the plot was not that great... would tell people to avoid this film

Adam R (us) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Kevin N (jp) wrote: A loving homage full of twists and turns, cinematic in-jokes and style. Argento gleefully fills the screen with all of his favorite Hitchcock moments (and ours too) but never crosses into kiss-ass or cheese territory, which is extremely impressive. Elio Germano does a great job at playing the sympathetic angle while remaining voyeuristic and nosy, and the rest of the unknown cast do a good job filling in the gaps around him.

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Bryan T (kr) wrote: Quite an achievement. That this hour-and-a-half monologue seems to move so quickly is a remarkable feat. Performance is perfect, but the movie steps wrong a bit in its execution. The inclusion of any kind of music is a big fuck-up, especially this kind of music. Also, was this shot on videotape or something? It looks pretty bad and the cuts are really rough serving as a bit of an obstacle for the viewer.

Joshua C (ca) wrote: Dear god, I hope they never remake this movie! Linda Blair, ??Fuck me Jesus, fuck me,?? last attempt at stardom after the Exorcist. Utter fail. She attempts to reenact the 'twisty head thing' during the scene with the matched outfits. I give this a 2/10 even though it is by far the worst movie ever made, I would like to highlight that it did have a reckless disregard for what was appropriate. I pity the children that came of age in 1978. This has definite camp potential for the future.

Josh K (fr) wrote: Part 2 of Ivan the Terrible takes all of the great elements of Part I and does away with the more problematic ones. The narrative is much easier to follow--the filmmakers do not overwhelm the audience with a deluge of minor characters. Nikolay Cherkasov may seem like he is hamming it up but his Tsar Ivan is terrifying. Ivan seems like he doesn't know what he is doing, he alternates between longing for friends and longing to kill those who oppose him. His long straggly hair, and the way he carries himself--Cherkasov's performance is very convincing as a truly insane person who has too much power. The bi-color sequences at the end of the film are really amazing and make the Tsar's throne room appear almost hellish.

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Jayakrishnan R (kr) wrote: 84%Saw this on 16/7/15David Lynch is one of the worst directors of all time mostly because he resorts to the same technique that he has been using ever since his first film, ie by making films that no one can understand even if you watch it over a 100 times( that makes the job easy, make a shitty movie, the audience would interpret it into something out of the ordinary). That being said, Lynch's films are an extreme guilty pleasures for me. Lost Highway may be the best work of the director yet. It's well made and well shot, the acting is fine, but Patricia Arquette is unbearable and she is there only in this film to strip. Though Lynch treats women( in general) in a bad way by using them only for nude scenes, being a man, I find it extremely pleasing to the eye. Unlike the other Lynch films, this one doesn't bore you out, I kept on watching the film, expecting that all air will be cleared by the end.

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Alexander L (br) wrote: Pretty decent but not memorable.