O Preço da Paz

O Preço da Paz


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O Preço da Paz torrent reviews

Ryan H (au) wrote: That was the worst movie I have seen in quite a while. Acting- bad. Cinematography-real bad. Sound quality-even worse. Waste of a home rental for sure. Looked like a $1000 total budget.

Florent T (us) wrote: il ne se passe pas grandchose...

Tella T (gb) wrote: Was alright I guess. Relatable in places, in others just so cheesy/awkward/contrived it's untrue. Guess those parts were only really good for art students.

Rachel S (au) wrote: oh this would be cool to see even though it's a documentary, because I love dolphins!! :)

Maria l (mx) wrote: it was good and like always excellent performance by Morgan Freeman

Jey A (gb) wrote: They don't quite fit together...

Shawn W (au) wrote: Archeological dig uncovers the tomb of the Sanzia devil child whose spirit is unleashed and enters a doll factory in Mexico. Decent effort but really just an attempt to make some cash of the successful Child's Play films.

Ryan W (it) wrote: .,,,,,,,,,,Kuhn

Russell S (es) wrote: At times you can almost feel the embarrassment radiating from Denzel Washington at the ridiculosness of the plot. If you set that aside the movie is in fact an entertaining one that approaches the whole time travel premise from an interesting point of view that at least gives the movie some legs. Intriguing enough and different enough to keep you watching until the end.

Jason J (jp) wrote: This is a documentary like movie portraying life in a black neighbourhood in Los Angeles. I just could not get into it at all - I found it boring and tedious.

Jude P (ag) wrote: Thrilling with suspense for a horror movie ?

Dana C (jp) wrote: 10/10 best of both worlds, la pinche mamada, PINCHE PELICULA BUENA

Christy A (br) wrote: xxsaaadxxsxss sxdedddddesddswwsswsssdtggggggggggtvffvfffffrfcffrffffffffffvfffffffffrcfrfffff fvt uvjvkvjpshzsuuaaawsssssszssssssrffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrrrrfrrrfffcrddhebdhhe x wyhzsbxbcfbfffgdbhrehdbfffdheucchrbd x ehb bervrbfbrbfbfvdbcbrbeb